Pertussis whooping cough

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    Jaxson was born on march 7th 2011, at just 5 wks old he started with a little cough, a runny nose and he was a bit snuffly. I was a little worried so i spoke to my health visitor and she advised me to make an appointment with the doctor.

    Jaxson went to the doctors appointment at 6wks old, we got told it was just a cold and got sent home with nasel drops. Over the next’s few days Jaxson got worse, the coughing was bad, he had started to struggle with it and he had also started to arch his back and spit up mucus. Jaxson was 7wks old when a health visitor came to my house to do the post natal depression test, he was in a middle of a coughing fit, as i opened the door i burst into tears, seeing that i was distressed she took Jaxson from me until he stopped coughing. My little man seamed fine after the coughing stopped, even smiling but she decided it was best to phone the doctors and get him a emergency appointment. The doctor checked him over then decided to send him to hospital as his breathing was fast. At the hospital they observed him for a few hours then diagnosed him with reflux and sent us home with Gaviscon. Jaxson continued to get worse with the coughing fits lasting up to 6 mins maybe longer. He struggled more to breath and inbetween fits and he would go bright red then turn extremely pale, his lips would also go blue. Toward the end of the coughing, while still arching his back he would still spit up the sticky mucous, the coughing tired him out so much that he would end up sleeping while whimpering. He even started coughing through the day, but was still worse at night.

    We went back to the doctors when Jaxson was 8 wks as he wasn’t getting any better, i had also done some research on line and came across symptoms for Pertussis, i told the doctor I thought it could be that. After she checked Jaxson she decided to send him back to hospital as his breathing was crackly. At the hospital they sent in a breastfeeding expert to check that I was feeding him right, (which I was). I mentioned to his consultant that i thought it could be whooping cough but he made me out to be a overprotective mother and told me it will NOT be Pertussis as all babies in the UK get vaccinated against it. He diagnosed bronchiolitis and sent him home with nasal drops. I was convinced i was right so I filmed Jaxson coughing on my phone and showed it to a community nurse that came round two days later. She was straight on the phone organising for another nurse to come the next day to take a swab from Jaxson’s nose. Jaxson was not hospitalised but community nurses came to my house everyday to monitored his heart rate and oxygen levels, which were always ok, but he did have the cave in his chest that showed he was working harder to breath. It took just under two wks before I got the phone call to go back to the hospital, where he was finally diagnosed with Pertussis. But by this stage, he had gotten over the worst of it. He was still coughing but they weren’t lasting for as long nor was he arching his bk or spitting up the mucus. For the first time, the hospital asked us if anyone else in the family had been coughing. Myself and my other son had mild coughs, while Jaxson’s dad had a cough which was quite bad. We all had to go on a 2 wk course (including my daughter who had not been coughing) of clarithromycin. During the illness Jaxson had burst a small vessel in his eye, also got a small hernia in his belly button and lost weight. He also coughed for months afterwards mainly when he was waking up, crying or laughing and he tends to pick up evey bug going 🙁

    Because it was so hard to film Jaxson’s coughing fit i decided to put it on youtube so people could see what Pertussis is like for a newborn baby. It has now had over 14,000 views and i’ve had comments thanking me for putting it up as its helped them with their baby’s cough. i’m glad its helping people. i’ve put the link on here but it is distressing to watch.

    Pertussis is so dangerous in babies.. it can kill



    You can prevent pertussis with the DTaP vaccination!

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