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    How many calories does it take to produce breastmilk?



    I don’t know about the sex part yet (I’m only 9 days pp) but I know I’ve been horny as hell and when my bf plays with my breasts…I damn near tackle him.



    I think the nursing hormones are really messing with my libido. I mean I don’t even think about it and when my hubbie wants to it’s almost like a chore. Anyone else having somethibg similar?



    Yea, no libido here either, nada.



    its mother natures birth control lol



    I have a 1 year old son, I nursed him til about 11 months, i never had a libido the whole time, and now i am pregnant again, first try… And still no libido…. My poor husband.



    I’m bfeeding and, after a low-libido pregnancy (more emotional than hormonal, I think, cos I was high risk), both my hubby and I have such high sex drives. and the quality is better than before I was pregnant.. I had a c-section, and m finding I orgasm much more easily now (sorry if tmi). LO is just over a month now. Also I have lost 12.5kg’s since LO was born.



    I have zero libido too and am a nursing mom. i agree with prior comments.- its like a chore!



    I have one breast that I swear is darn near empty, and the other breast is a milk machine…I’ve pretty much accepted that my breast will be lopsided duds when this is all over, but I hope with baby two (one day) my breast may even up a bit (it’s a BIG difference). Has anyone else experienced this???? My son is almost 8 months…



    myownqueen-my LO is seven months, and I have one side that produces twice as much as the other (at least whe I pump). However, for some reason the lower-producing side is the only one that still leaks once in a while. Odd, eh? I know most people has some difference, but somelike us have a big one. I also hope it is that way if I have another, but I have a feeling it will be…



    hello – i breastfed my son until he was one year old and had no problems, now i’m nursing my daughter, she is now 7 weeks old, for the past few weeks when she begins to nurse (right befroe letdown occurs) i get this feeling of deep sadness and anxiety and then it just goes away…i know it’s just the rush of hormones from nursing because it is the only time i get this feeling. I do NOT have depression – i dont feel negatively towards my baby at all, it just feels like someone just told me somethign really sad – it’s so strange i never had this before. I read it can be thyroid/anemia problems which i do have anemia problems. Anyone know how long this typically lasts? I dont really want to go telling my husband/doctors because i dont want people thinking i’m depressed – so please don’t tell me that’s what it is because i know it’s not – i’m just trying to figure out if the chemicals sort themselves out and it stops eventually, or if you have to stop breastfeeding for it to go away, or if i should go to the doctor to have my iron/thyroid checked? please leave comments on my page as i am not on here much – thanks!



    Hi gAls I havent been on in a while but am needing some help/advice so I thought this would be the place to come! I breastfed my middle child for 15 months and never had a problem easy peezy well now I have a 10 month Old whom is still nursing (never had a bottle) and he has aquired 6 new teeth that he isnt afraid to use 🙁 I fINd my self feeling so anxious when I nurse him now because I never know when hes going to bite! and it hurts soooo bad! But I really want to nurse him the full year at least! So any tips on how to nip this bad habit of his in the butt would be greatly appreciated!!!

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