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    Oh and she is fascinated with me using the toilet, she wants to look at what I am doing and what is going on and wants to use the toilet paper.



    Youngmum: If she doesn’t have much language than you could teach her sign language. I would start putting her on the potty when she first wakes up, before and after nap, and again before bed. This will get her in a routine and give her some exposure to the potty. In my experience, when a child is ready to potty train then it is a really easy process. So just make it fun and see what happens.



    Young mum I would carry on as you are. Children often dont get control of their bladder until about 16 months and some later than that. I think it is great that your little one has been introduced and obviously it is having an effect. I think you giving the potty a label is also a good start because babies understand words long before they say them. Just follow your childs lead, if she takes you to the potty let her go on it and keep to before bathtime etc. My son is 16 months and is paying attention when we go to the toilet, we are getting the potty sometime in the next few weeks but really just for him to get used to.



    JH – dont worry you will use your nappies!! Even if just at night time! I would encourage your son to sit on the potty maybe before bathtime so it becomes part of a routine and le learns what the potty is for. Wouldn’t hurt for you to sit on the toilet at the same time (though some people are not comfortable doing that – I dont seem to remember a time going to the toilet in peace during the day at home!) Just take it a small step at a time and at your childs pace. As for pull ups, how long he will be in them is up to you, I have known some children in pull ups til they are fully trained and others who just treated them like a nappy and couldn’t be trained until in pants – as said, just take it a step at a time 🙂



    thanks for the advice ladies, oh she finally did her first poo on the potty yesterday too so will take your advice maybe keep it simple till we know what the potty is. Good luck with your potty training



    Oh Joy! Started potty training dd on Wednesday. Not much action actually ON the potty/toilet but were more successful yesterday when she got one poo and one wee on the toilet (discovered she MUCH prefers to sit on the ‘big loo’ rather than the potty. However, she has developed diarrhoea yesterday. I have kept everything meticulously clean and disinfected so don’t think that has caused it but it’s horrid. I really don’t want to put her back in nappies as it’ll confuse her and she is getting the hang of it but OMG… solid messes are easy to clean up, liquid ones are not so. I think she may have picked something up from the swimming pool on Tues as it was packed and a little boy was sick in the water near us (Ew!) Oh the joys of parenting. Oh, and she particularly likes washing her hands afterwards and saying bye bye to the poo as we flush it away!! Strange child – gets it from her dad!!!


    Oh potty training will get the best of me. I really hate pull ups. My son is too comfortable in them its like a diaper and even with the cool alert he still goes. But if he wears no pants at home or cotton underwear he will use the potty. I am not brave enough to leave the house in cotton underwear.



    My son Kian is 19mths and has started taking his soaked nappy off in his cot in the mornings. He also thinks being in our bathroom is really funny. Do u think its too early to start potty training him??? Anyone else’s children potty train early?? Anyone got any advice on training early?



    my son is 18 months old and he takes his diaper off when he goes potty in it but the problem is he cant really talk yet.. like he says little stuff nothing big yet. he started saying tee tee and pointing to his diaper for a few days but only AFTER he had already went. I wouldnt be able to teach him sign language.. its hard enuff to get him to sit down long enuff so i can change his diaper. he is hyper active and doesnt want to do anything but wat he likes which is NOT sittin on his potty.. what is a way i could try to teach him to say potty? that would be fun for him so that he would want to learn.



    hi all! My son will be 15 months tomorrow. We’ve been potty training for two weeks. He’s doing EXCELLENT! i originally started it just to get him USED to the idea, but he peepees in the potty every time! He’s even pooed in the potty…
    I came on here because I need some additional help and support! Everyone tells me I’m training too early, but he’s doing so well, and if it takes us longer, well, so what? he asks me to go to the potty…(he says ‘need potty’) he takes off his own diaper, he tells me when he’s finished….but he still wets his diapers every now and then…


    my son jermaine is almost 19 months old and i have baby number 2 due in december, i am ready to start potty training him, i really think he is ready because he some times goes in the bathroom wit me or his dad and automatically says pee pee, or if i say im going to the bathroom he will say pee pee, and run in there and when his diape is wet he brings me a clean 1 so i think he is ready



    March2008: I am having the same issue with my daughter. I can tell that she is beginning to go #2 and ask her if she needs to sit on the potty. She tells me No!, runs to her room and slams the door. When she comes bback out she tells me that I ‘need’ to change her pull-up because she did ‘poopies’. Really? I don’t know what to do. She is so stuburn that when I do put big-girl undies on her she will stand right there on the floor and pee!


    My daughter will be 15 months on Nov 11th and I am about to start trying to potty train her. She shows signs that she is ready, pulling her poopy diaper off and painting her crib with it LOL!!!! She always shows interests in the toilet whenever I take her in the bathroom with me. Do you think I am starting too early? She seems to be a fast learner and picks things up quickly. I would LOVE it if she was potty trained before the age of 2…. Any advice would be great as I am a first time mommy….Thanks!



    my daughter is 27 months today and she decided 4 days ago she would potty train herself and she is doing so good she has even pooped about 3-4 times on it already im so proud of her…….she is so smart she already counts to 10…….i introduced the potty to her at 15 months she did not like it…..they will do it when they are ready no matter what…..the dr said that sometimes the smartest kids just take the longest lol



    Just a suggestion to those having difficulty with their toddler going to the bathroom in their underwear. My friend’s daughter kept going #2 in her panties. During the last #2 occasion and at her wits end, she took her daughter to the bathtub, stripped her down and took the showerhead and rinsed her daughter’s bum in cold water. Her daughter did NOT like the cold water and never went #2 in her panties again!! Sometimes there’s little tricks you can use to help yourself 🙂

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