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    My son is 21 months. For the last 2 days he has decided to take off his soiled diapers or take them off and potty on the floor. i have got him a potty chair but he doesn’t seem to want anything to do with it. Any tips to get him to try rhe potty??



    GGMarie ~ is she wandering around in just her diaper? My boys were never able to get them off because they had pants or shorts on. If she has on a skirt/dress they have pants that can go over diapers that usually match the dress 🙂 I would just not have her in her diaper alone to avoid this 🙂



    Im scared of potty training my little boy. And i have NO idee how to start. He is nearly 19mnths. And some times he will tell me he pooped and slap his bum. But sometimes he wont. Please help me…..


    My 16 month old daughter used the potty for the first time this last week. She went number 2 in the potty today. WHOOOO HOOOO…. She is wearing pull ups now too. I am so proud of her!!!!!



    victoria, if she shows interest …jump on it like anything else she shows interest in. your on schedule with her not the rest of the world. 😉



    Are there any moms on here that have potty trained other kids. My LO started using the potty at 9.5 months; just at night right before her bath. I didn’t try to start training her that early I just sat her on there so she wouldn’t be scared when I tried to train her at one. Anyway I started taking her after naps and she always went, then I started taking her every hour and she goes. Now she is in panties and will have 1-2 accidents per day. She doesn’t tell me she has to go, but she did stop going so sporatically. I think she knows she gets the opprotunity and holds it. She even poops in the potty. Sooo….my question is…Is this how potty training normally goes or has she just trained me? My MIL says that before 2 they just train you to read their signs. I don’t try to catch her going or anything though. I just take her once every hour. Considering she only does 3 signs and only says 4 words I think she just doesn’t know how to tell me yet. Any thoughts?


    KL2~ Souds like you did IPT without trying, lol, and I think it is great. If she is happy and you are happy everything is fine. Also, it is amazing that you have accomplished so much so early.



    Thanks! I was so shocked the first time she went in the potty and she has just really taken to it. I just can’t wait until she can communicate better and tell me she has to go. She’s working on the sign for it.



    i think i am going to start working on potty training with my 15 month old daughter so that when baby number 2 comes in may it will be a bit easier…any suggestions on how to start



    I just began the process with my 28 month old…she will pee pee in the potty sometimes but hasn’t poo pooed yet.. I have rewards hanging on the bathroom mirror that have really helped her to feel good about herself. It has really helped motivate her so far. I have a big present for the first time she poos. I don’t know if this is a good/bad idea. I’m new at this. I also cheer and squeal and lift her up in the air when she succeeds. She gets so excited..



    my daughter is 23 months I going to start training her, any other mothers experiencing this? she takes her diaper off every 5 minutes and says wet eeewww and brings me a new one, half the time she’s not even wet…lol think she sounds like she might be ready!



    I noticed every time I turned the bath on my daughter would pee… but she refused to use the potty…well she started pulling her nappy off so I just started by putting the potty in the bathroom and turning the bath tap on, without fail she would use the potty and go…took me 2 days and she is now fully pottied trained for wees, but I still cannot get her to poo…thats still a nappy thing…lol, but she will tell me when she needs the nappy on, then she goes away from me, does her thing, comes straight back tells me she has pooe’d, I clean her up, then she is fine for the rest of the day



    mine is 16 months and will use her potty when it suites her. I just finished work for a few years(hehe) so I’m gonna start introducing this.

    I’ve heard to move the little potty into whatever room they are in as they forget and get sidetracked often. I have a strong willed brilliant girl and I’ve heard the smarty pants kids often fight it as they fight on many things. …we will see. my hub was hard to train and he is very smart! I was a piece of cake(according to my mom) but I have a twin so we motivated eachother.



    ****I have put katies potty chair in the middle of the family room and haven’t said a word about it. Katie went and sat on it this morning and I asked if she needed to go when she looked at me and she said yes. …sure enough!!!! woohoo! She’s a strong willed girlie and likes to do things on her own so, I’m letting her make the choice to go and rewarding her with lots of hugs, telling daddy and calling Grandma! It might be working!

    someone said the chair outside of the bathroom will confuse her BUT shes a baby and gets distracted so if she sees it as she plays she will become more aware of it!
    I thought about it and decided bleh, I’m a pretty good mommy and have clever ideas. I’m going with it



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