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    My daughter will be 2 in about 2 weeks and I would really like to get her potty trained. She tells me before she has to poo but when I ask her if she wants to sit on the potty she refuses. If I try to put her on the potty she throws a fit! I think she might be scared of it. I have a little potty for her that is in the bathroom but she just thinks its a toy. I am not sure if she knows when she pees but she does know when she has pooped. Any suggestions on how to get her to even just sit on the potty?! I have tried everything that I can think of! Potty treats and all! Please help…this is my first time around the potty training block! Thanks ladies!



    i made a big misstake i think when my son was 10 months we were well on the way with toilet trainingthat by 11 month we had wees down pat stupid thing is i was told it was no use till about 18months so i stoped all together last month i thought well now he’s a bit older lets give it another go and he has no idea 🙁 he’s now 16 months and i am just wondering does anyone have any stratergies?



    I pulled out my sons new potty chair a couple days ago. He is 18 months and not yet able to really tell me if he has to go.. But he has been taking his diaper off nonstop so I figured I could at least give it a try. I set him on it when I go to the bathroom and after meals etc… And nothing yet. We then wash our hands and go about our business. I guess I am looking for tips but also he has been trying to use the potty as a hat and uses the cushion cup thing as a bracelet. Should I let him do this or stop it so he does not think it is a toy? He likes to sit on it as well so I think he at least gets that that is what we do on it.. Thanks!!!!



    I have 2 girls. The older one I potty trained from the day she turned 2 no problem. The younger one turned 2 in january and she hates it. SHe held in her pee from the moment she woke up to about 10pm. I had to take her to the doctors cause I thought she gave herself an infection.SHe cries everytime I put her on the potty. I have given up for a little while. I dont want to get her anymore scared then she already is. Any suggestions?



    My daughter is very shy and also can be intimidated with using the potty. I let her come in a see that I use the potty too. This seems to have helped some. She will now use it sometimes. Still only poo pooed 2X and was peeing in it consistently however since a recent trip to her Na Na’s (we stayed for a few days and nights) she has regressed. She is intimidated by the large adult potty so for her i decided to buy a little elmo potty. She loves elmo and this really encouraged her to sit on it. She sat on it for weeks before she actually used it for the first time. I used rewards at first to get her to go pee pee. I gave her stickers. I also purchased a bigger poo poo reward to encourage that and she has twice. I am frustrated though b/c she has regressed. I decided to just put her in panties during the day so she could see how it felt to be wet and dirty. This also encouraged her to make it to the potty. Now after the trip she seems confused and frustrated and SO DO I. I don’t know how to reteach her. I was frustrated and scolded her and this made it worse 🙁 ahhhhhh we were doing so well. I don’t know how to approach it for the second time…



    She was peeing consistently and didn’t even remember to ask for stickers. She was just happy to go in the potty. She didn’t use it at all today! I feel like I ruined it all by the trip and by scolding her :((((( And it was hard work let me tell you. She has a very funny personality. Any ideas????


    lyssie~ Try asking her if she wants to use her potty? This works with my daughter, I make it totally her decision if I think she might be feeling over-pushed. So I will put her in a diaper and every hour or so I will ask ‘Wanna go use the potty?’ and usually she goes ‘YEA’ and runs to the bathroom like it is a fabulous plan. If she says no then I just shrug and leave her in her diaper, no pushing. Once we are in a good routine for the week then I go back to normal, but every child gets confused when their routine is thrown off so don’t stress!



    Yay, just had to share….got my 18 month old to poop in the toilet today! This is my second child, but this time things seem to be going easier. I’m totally not pushing the issue, but he HATES wearing his diaper so I figured we’d see what happened. He even told me when he pee’d in his diaper today too! Progress! Happy potty training ladies…



    Officially starting potty training Aliyah today. She is 22 months old. She has randomly gone to the bathroom in her potty chair some and she is showing all the signs that she is ready. I am so excited.Can’t wait to get her out of diapers completly. YAY!!!!



    On Aliyah’s 2nd day of potty training she only had an accident 1 time!! YAY!!!



    I feel the same way purple. You got more time then me. My son is 2.5 and I’m due in January. Not only do I not want to be buying two diff diapers, I don’t want to be changing 2 either. And my son doesn’t like being wet. He actually prefers to be without a diaper. But he won’t go in the potty! He’ll go #1 and 2 right on the floor and then tell me about it. And every time I explain that hes supposed to go in the potty and I sit him on it but its just not happening!


    My daughter is 20 months and hubby and I started potty training her at 18 months but the first time we sat her on the potty she completly freaked out…. Well it seem that everytime she wakes up she takes her diaper off so we put her potty chair in the living room just to let her get used to it by herself..well no when ever we go to get her out of her room and find that she took her diaper off we tell her that she has to sit on the potty since she took the diaper off, seems to be working pretty well… She has now gotten to the point that she will run straight to the potty as soon as she wakes up…. She has only peed on it once but I figure that takes time… Lol…. Yesterday we went to my drs appt and as soon as we stepped ingo the door she ran straight to her potty, we didn’t even say anything to her about it, she did it on her own…. I think we are making progress….


    So my daughter is 22months and is potty trained during the day and when we go places but how do I train her at night???? HELP!!!!



    we have started the potty trainning and noah is 21 months. i know hes ready but he just dont want to go. last night he finally went potty right befor bed! today he didnt want anything to do with the potty.



    Tiff- I am in the same boat with the night time potty training. My son is potty trained while he is at wake, but I don’t know what to do during the night! Should I wake him up in the middle of the night to go? Totally stumped!

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