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    I have been potty training my son for wat seems 4ever i am 26 weeks and was hoping to have it dwn pack b4 i deliver(i always go early atleast 6 weeks) we got the pee pee part dwn but he refuse to #2 in the potty he do on floor in pants anywhere its not like by accident cuz he cleans it up after he do it sometimes he is so stubborn i just want to scream sum time



    hi i have been potty DD who is 21months for 1 week & 3 days she is doing great and sits on the potty or big toilet to do her business no problem, im only day training right now will wait longer to do night training x



    i am potty training my 2 year old and she says she has to pee but doesnt go or sometimes while she is going. but we are trying the naked method and she runs to the potty and ‘accitently’ pees in the floor beside the potty, she does go in it sometimes but thats only after making her sit on it for like 10ish minutes. i make it fun and give her treats and cheer her on and pee in the big potty beside her, i have even tried the big potty with her. once she pooped in the floor and put it in the potty before i ran back there.she can take her diaper off by herself i have tried panties but i think she thinks its the same as a diaper and pees in them anyways. im so frustrated but keeping my cool i know it takes time and the first couple of days were great in the mornings but the later it gets and the more days pass the harder it is for her to potty!



    emileann101 I had the same problem with my DD I took her out of diapers and into undies except at nap times and found that she would go…well number 2’s only when the nappy was on so I took that option away completely. She knows when she has to go and hates having a pooey bottom. She has told us a number of times when she had to go too so now she now does the lot on the toilet during the day with the few accidents of course but nappies are now only for night time, and she has done really well with it. There were moments when I thought about putting her back into nappies but I am glad I stuck with it.



    well everyone keeps telling me it’s time to start potty training my 26month old. so im gonna attempt it… we’ve taken it rather lightly so far. but we’re gonna try hard. so im may be on here alot looking for guidance!



    my kid was trained in 3 hours! threw away his pull-ups (big croc tears!). gave choc milk constantly. and when he peed, i ran and quickly put him on the potty. when he got the idea, i rewarded him with stickers. he got candy (an m&m) when he pooped in the potty. easy-peasy.



    Anyone elses child that is potty training that will go if you bring them but won’t tell you they have to go? My daughter will just pee where ever she is and it won’t faze her but she will go if we remember to bring her. I am fine with that but other people that watch her end up forgetting or if she drinks a lot at once she may go more often then expected. Shouldn’t she be asking?



    She also won’t go poop on the toilet. I started making her wipe and clean herself and she thinks its the greatest thing considering she likes to clean. If I make her sit in it, she could care less. Nothing is working! I need suggestions! I tried taking toys away but she won’t bite, she knows its a power thing and wont give in. I also tried ignoring it and telling her if she wants to be a baby then no more underwear just pull ups like babies and she loved it! She says she wants to be a baby. I don’t know what to do!



    ok my daughter is 2 next week and has been using the potty for last 3 months with no accidents now even when she has a nap in day falls asleep with no nappy on and doesnt have any accidents
    she will have a wee and poo on potty but im now trying to get her to go with her pants and trousers/skirts etc on but she has accidents which i understand as she got to learn that these pants she cant wee in as they not pull ups but she always screaming to have them off or telling me she wants a wee then i take her over to potty pull down her trousers and pants then she kicks them of and runs of not needing the potty i do put them back on if she doesnt go but any help with getting her to go with clothes on would be a great help so i can get her to the next level

    i know she still young and will go when ready but need advice on how to try thanks



    Monica9, I am having the same issues. Don’t worry we are in this together. My Daughter turned 2 October 3rd and she will pee on the pot if we bring her but has never told us before she goes. She is fine to pee and poop in the pull up. Its like she doesnt care. It really gets to me. I have tried many things to get her to poop on the pot, special stickers only for poop, a little treat only for poop but she doesnt care. She will pee only if we bring her. Does anyone know how long it takes for her to know the feeling that she has to go?



    My son knows when he has to pee or poop but won’t go in the potty! He’ll sit on it but thats it. Hes peed in it once. He prefers to stand up peeing. I’mm getting a lil frustrated because I’m trying to have him mostly trained by the time this LO gets here. Nothings working 🙁


    I have a 3 1/2 year old boy…. he’ll go if I put him on the potty, but doesn’t ask, and doesn’t seem to mind being wet or nasty… I am at my wits end… just found out that I am expecting in June… they do eventually learn right… my oldest did, and was fairly easy I just desided one day after trying for a while that I had had it, and we were going to wear big boy underwear… and after that day he may have had just a couple of acidents, but not too many. I just really don’t want to have to be buying two different sizes of diapers when the new baby gets here… (one set is bad enough)



    Need advice please…I have a 2 1/2 yr old girl who has no desire to use her potty chair. If I ask her to go try it, she cries and fusses at the idea. I don’t want to force her to sit on it if she is afraid of it, but jesus, she’s 2 1/2! Any ideas on how to get her interested to begin with??



    My son is almost 3 years old. He’s been extremely strong-willed from 6months old on. He refuses to use the potty, will sit on it but holds it until the second he gets a chance after he gets up. It doesn’t matter if he’s naked, wearing a diaper, or undies. He will just go anywhere but the potty. We’ve been told he doesn’t have enough structure so we’re working on that too, but his strong resistance and constant temper tantrums make it really difficult. I feel that he wants us to give up trying more than anything and I’m afraid if we take a break from this he will only feel more empowered. Is the best thing to just keep trying but not forcing it? Eventually he will get used to the idea? Also, how long (if any) is it appropriate to ask him to sit on the potty?



    3rdanddone- have you tried rewarding her? Stickers? M&M’s? something like that?

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