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    Most babies will be affected by RSV before they are 2 years old!


    My son is almost 11 months old and he got his first Synagis(sp)vaccination for this year.I’m hoping the RSV shot will protect him from getting it.RSV is very bad for babies.My other children had to be hospitalized because of it!



    hi everyone, hope you all are well. my baba is still in hospital 🙁 His been there from thursday 13/11/2008. He has RSV , it was 1st just a normal throat and ear infection and then bronchiolitis and now RSV. its really hard seeing him like that. i want 2 take the pain and discomfort away but i cant 🙁 its really hard seeing him that he battles to breath and when his nose is blocked. sumtimes his nose is so bad that he cant even drink bottle and then they have 2 sucksion his nose first – AND HE HATES THAT, MOMMY 2….. but he is in the right place and they will get him BETTER.

    its just very hard on me cause my fiance is overseas on a business trip and he cant cum back . he is only back in 2weeks :(. so yes all this i must do on my own. im so tired and drained. ive been sleeping at the hospital (up and down) go home quickly to feed the dogs get clean clothes and then back to hospital again.

    but its fine – we always get back on our feet :0)


    My son is going to be 3 months old on Nov.26,2008. He came down with RSV on Nov.18,2008, then he started to rattle and wheeze by Nov.20,2008. So he was put on a breathing treatments and steroids. Then I took him back on Nov.22,2008 and he had ear infections in both ears. Then on Nov.23,2008, I had him in the emergency room for his wheezing and rattling. They did a chest x-ray to see if he had RSV pneumonia and it came back showing he did have RSV pneumonia in his left lung. What else can I ask for my son to get. I wish I could take the pain from him because it hurts so much to see him suffer through all of this pain.



    My 5 month old son was diagnosed with RSV and Bronchiolitis today. He is breathing very rapidly and coughing a lot. Thank the Lord he doesn’t have a fever. He wasn’t hospitalized, but they are having us give him breathing treatments at home with an albuterol inhalant every 4 hours. I’m just praying that my little baby gets better soon. I cannot stand to see him this way.



    My twins are now 9 months old and have received 2 shots of Synagis. Now I am being told the Insurance compant IBX.COM, is making me pay $1000.00 EACH for the next shot as part of my out of pocket expense. Like having twins is not expensive enough already. IF anyone has had this occur please let me know ASAP. I am not able to offord this fee. Thank you



    uugghh my daughter has brochiolitis. She is only 6 and a half weeks old and its killing me to see her miserable. She is on the nebulizer machine and oxygen. It doesn’t seem like she will ever get better!! and I’m sick myself so it is complete misery at this time



    My 6 month old has RSV. I was wondering how long it takes for them to start breathing better.



    Jenna had RSV and was in the hospital for 5 days back in January. It took about two weeks for her breathing to get better but she is just now getting back to her old self and taking a full bottle.



    My 5 week old baby just had rsv and pneumonia. he was hospitalized 3 days. It just looked like a minor cold and slight cough to me until suddenly he turned pale with blueish lips we rushed him to ER and his room oxygen levels were only 80. So they can deteriate rapidly. It is a scary illness for young babies, thank God for hospitals!

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