Sex after childbirth

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    When can my partner and I have sexual intercourse after the birth of our baby?



    Okay…maybe I’m a wierdo, but when hubby and I do have sex (which isn’t that much since our baby has been born) it feels fantastic. It felt good before, but now it is almost like things are more sensitive inside than they were before. Oh, and hubby thinks we should be doing it all the time since I say it feels fantastic, but sleep still feels SO much better!



    I have a question for all of you: how many of you are still had a hard time with sex a few months after the baby came? My son is 3.5 months old and I I tore on the inside during delivery. I had a stitch that hadn’t disolved yet and I’ve had only had sex 2 times, but penetration still hurts some. Am I alone here, or does anyone else feel like it’s taking their vajayjay a little longer than expected to heal? When will sex feel normal again?



    Hi Ladies, i need some help i just had a baby 4 weeks ago from today and had sex two days ago.. I’m not using protection either is my fianc’e, and i dont mind if i fall pregnant again, i’m just wondering can you fall pregnant as soon as you stop bleeding from giving birth or is it from your first period after giving birth?

    Please comment on my page.



    i know some of you will have harsh words for this but DH and i had sex last night. my baby is 9 days old. i had a c section. we used protection. and we were really careful. we just couldnt wait much longer. i was on complete bedrest since 17 weeks so we were definitely deprived. it felt so much better than it ever had. i had some discomfort because of the fact we had to be so careful. im looking forward to being able to get back in the swing of things.



    Yeah i have a weird question might be tmi so i am sorry but i had my baby 9 weeks tomorrow and well when i was bleeding it was weird because it was on and off like and i had sex at 6 weeks (very well protected) when the doctor cleared me but i don’t know if i have already had my period or not but did anyone else feel sick to there stomach and stuff and still have heartburn because i don’t want to feel like the only one because i don’t want to be prego again right now



    You girls r good….I couldn’t wait after I had my babies..guess that’s why my happy butt is preggo again and my 2nd is only 8 months….I don’t have advise on the uncomfort and disagreeing with the hubby on cheating that 6 week clock cuz’ a few days after days aftr dropping those angels…I was back to bein’ a devil n the. Bedroom…and I havnt had any issues thank the good lord..hey he knows me bettr than I know myself..maybe he sped up,naw be safe ladies,and god bless.



    My daughter is 9wks old and we made love after 5wks and made sure we were well protected! I bled for 6 wks then at 8wks bled again. Dh and i ot carried away the other night an now worried incase i get preggers again! Can it be a real issue when i bled over a wk ago?


    Hi ladies,
    I had my baby 6 weeks ago this was my second c-secton. Me and hubby couldn’t wait to have sex again so we have had unprotective sex. I still haven’t gotten my period yet. I see my doc friday for my post. I’M kinda scared but at the same time ok if i got pregnant again. It would just be harder with a newborn a six year old and a new baby on the way. He doesnt beleive you can get preggo even sooner after birth. well sorry for chatting soo much. Hope everyone is well.


    Anyone in here in the opposite boat?Ever since I had my baby I HATE sex.I don’t care if I ever have it again, and I get grouchy when I know I have to and make every excuse in the book to get out of it!


    oh, and my baby is 10 months old, so…yeah….



    Constant headaches, nausea, extreme hunger, (period like) cramping, & back pain!!! What does that sound like to you?
    ***btw: I had my baby Dec 1, 2008



    does anyone else have NO sex drive? my baby is 5 months old and i thought i’d be ready to go by now! what the hell’s going on??!!



    For those of you that tore during labor did it hurt the first time you had sex after delivery? The reason I’m asking is DH and I tried to have sex for the first time last night since LO was born and it HURT. I tore during delivery so I got stitches but I wasn’t expecting pain. It hurt so much we couldn’t finish the deed. I feel so bad for DH he waited for so long and now I’m scared again because of the pain. Help am I the only one??


    i had sex the next day i came home from my c-section

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