Sex after childbirth

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    so i have had the same problems as a lot of you. first of all i do feel a lot more self conscious than i used to. my boobs have stretch marks and i have the not so attractive c section scar. i have actually gained 6 pounds since i gave birth (mind you i only gained 6 pounds during my pregnancy) so im at the heaviest weight in my life, stretch marks and just not attractive in my mind. i do also have the feeling that it kind of hurts to have sex. its not so much that it feels too tight but more like the tunnel isnt as long as it used to be….and trust me ladies my man hasnt grown lol. i asked my doctor about it and she said it may be actually from the lack of sex. since you have to wait for so long after a c section your body isnt really used to doing things like that anymore. also you can feel pulling along the incision from the muscles trying to go back to normal. so i am just going to try to get used to it or something. as for the not feeling attractive anymore the only thing i could come up with is sit down and have the talk with my husband. let him know how i felt. he was uncomfortable because he is quite reserved really, but i forced it on him. but he ended up saying yes your body is different, you had a child. then he said the sweetest thing which was i fell in love with you not just your body. and you could gain 200 pounds and i will still think you are sexy. i think he is right though. if your man loves you he will still find you attractive no matter what.




    I am very curios to see who anyone out here has been successful to get their husband snipped! Please share any comments…thanks!



    I am 6 wks pp and am ready to get my sex life back. Any suggestions on how to ease back into the swing of things?



    hi everyone, i feel so miserable, my baby is 12 weeks old, and i have NO sex drive whatso ever, my partner is getting fed up becuz of this, but i just dont want sex! why? i know this is gross, but him n i used to be like rabbits lol, i used to be a 2 times a day girl lol, we havnt had sex since i was 7 months pregnant, i feel so crap about it, n i do love my partner but i find everything he does so annoying! why do i feel like this? i told him i think i may be a little depressed, n his remark was-wat have ugot to be depressed about? hes so insensitive, he thinks because i wanted a baby i shud b jumping from the walls in delight. maybe i shud be? wats wrong with me



    before i got prego with my first one.. we use to be like twice a dayers too. and even during my pregnancy we still did it pretty often up until i delivered. after i had him it has been really hard for me to get back into it all. i mean i am about to have baby number two here. but the sex part has been a huge problem in mine and my husbands life. to me i guess i just use to always get scared of getting prego again or something i dont know!!



    how does this site worl???



    lol okay figured it out



    Hi ladies! It’s been almost three months since my C-section and I’m also breastfeeding. My sex drive has gone down the drain. I don’t feel horny at all and I feel so bad for my husband. Does breastfeeding has anything to do with it?



    I’m 8 weeks pp and I had a grade 2 tear from my vaginal delivery. When DH and I had sex last night, it was awful, the pain where my tear was, was excruciating. I’m still sore today from it and I’m wondering if this is normal. It’s been 8 weeks since I delivered, should my tear still hurt? DH said that he felt more there like a nub, perhaps scar tissue. Will the pain go away or will the scar tissue always hurt, I’m so confused and I don’t want it to hurt anymore.



    Hi escribo86,
    Eventually it should get better, sounds like you
    had a nasty tear.
    If things don’t improve in the next few weeks I would
    definitely go back to the doctor and tell him/her about
    your concerns..
    Maggie x



    Hey ladies! question .. i had my son 3 weeks ago .. he was my third baby .. now, with my 1st two i was told i could resume sex/tampons in 6 weeks .. this time around my doctor said 3 weeks .. at the time i didnt think anything of it .. but afterwards i was a little confused .. anyone else have a doctor tell them 3 weeks??? i think it would be weird calling my doctor, ‘hey you said sex in 3 weeks right?’ LOL



    Hello ladies 🙂 I have a question….I was not so smart earlier today (LOL) and my horny ass jumped on my DH for a quickie 😉

    I had my 2nd baby boy on 8.20 (2 wks ago) by C-Sec (my 2nd)…and this time I have FELT GREAT! Up & moving within 2 days of my surgery..straightening & playing with my 2yr old the 1st wk we came home.
    Now I know you’re ‘supposed’ to wait 6wks to get busy but we were gentle & I got mine (hubby didn’t want to finish cuz he’s scared to get prego right away LOL)..I was on top so I controlled everything.

    Now about 8hrs later my tummy/scar area is a lil tender…is this normal after getting busy so soon?

    Any feedback would be great….I’m normally not such a dumbass 😉 I just let go & went with it LOL



    SO & I had sex at 2w2d PP. It was AWESOME lol my dr. said to wait for the 6 week checkup to prevent pregnancy, but I could have sex when I felt ok to. I didnt tear or need an episiotomy during birth so i’ve been just fine since leaving the hospital……



    i have a question, sorry for TMI but for two and a half years i havent wanted sex with my partner, My libido has completly gone although i do get horney i just cant seem to be interested in sex. I am breast feeding. I had a years break between breast feeding DS and falling pregnant but even during that time i didnt fancy sex. I have had sex about 3 times since my baby was born back in January (poor DH) I love him so much but i just cant find the sex drive. ANYONE else with the same kind of problem?



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