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    (((()))) Not to worry, go with what works best for her. My 13 months old has oral dyspraxia and has difficulties eating. doc has told us as well and his therapists that what he can eat is best instead of what we feel he should be eating. Often jarred foods are healthier anyhow since they dont have added preservatives etc etc. I spoke to doc just last week about a sim concern and he said treat eating like potty training. Some learn it at different ages so if it isnt working now stick to what you are doing and try again a week or two or even a month. Hunter choked on a piece of stuffing tonight and got sick all over. So some table food is not for him and thats ok 🙂 try every few days and eentually she may learn better. Some babies just dont adapt to textures etc and it takes longer. What you need to try are food that disolve, those food help them to adjust to textures too and perhapsshe just has a strong gag reflex. Try puffs, they are great for first time eaters and regular cheerios broken in half. Even if she gags it doenst mean she is choking ~choking and gaging arent the same thing. We would put the cheerio or puff piece inside the cheek area so not tongue and less risk of gaging (()) As long as she is eating and it is healthy for her then what it is doesnt really matter all the time ~ 🙂



    OK, so I need help with feeding. Addi has been exclusively breast fed since birth and has been on solids since 5.5 months. She LOVES her food (especially if it is orange)? But I do not know what the next step in feeding is…. She breast-feeds every feed (3 hourly and sometimes once in the night), and then she has two feeds a day of solids (about 11am and 6pm and the equivalent of half a jar of food at each feed – so 1 jar a day). But where to from here? When do we ween off the breast and cut back those feeds? When do we introduce more food? I am a bit lost…. she seems to want more solids, but I do not want to feed her too much if that is not what they are meant to have? Any ideas? Please post on my page too if you can? Cheers!



    Successful hidden food trick I did today 🙂 Hunter is hard to feed (has delays) getting nutrional foods into him isnt easy ~ he loves kraft dinner but is lucky to get it once a month and I really didnt want to give it but it seemed to be what was a good option today since I need to get groceries so I had some Earths Best Carrots stage 1 and mixed in a table spoon of the carrots and boy did he love it 🙂 I tasted it and it was pretty good 🙂 Just thought I’d share 🙂



    Any one doing baby led weaning??? I would love to hear about your experience



    My 4 1/2 month old daughter actually ate all the baby cereal I gave her today, it was like maybe a little more than an oz but still she ate it. I’m so proud I can’t wait till I can get her on a better sleeping schedule so I can start a feeding schedule. I’m so excited!



    Is there any one who introduced cerals before 4 months….only those who have reply please…you can message me though my page also.



    My son is 3.5 months old. I’ve given him cereal in his last bottle each night since he was about 2 weeks old…but just a little bit. I have given him cereal on a spoon and a few bites of banana/orange baby food and he loves it. I think this week when I am off work (starting tomorrow), I am going to start giving him cereal on a spoon every evening around dinner time.


    Hey everyone! I had a quick question. My son is a little over 5 months old and is eating cereal and either one fruit or vegetable a day. But now, he has wanted to eat less formula. Actually I can BARELY get him to eat formula. The only time he eats is on demand, but even then he won’t eat very often or the whole bottle. I know babies should be getting 24+ oz. of formula right now, right? What can I do? He would be happy only eating 16 oz., and it’s so hard to FORCE him to eat (and it usually will just come right back up if I do that)



    My son refuses all solid food! he is nearly 7 months. I have tried so many different types and textures but as soon as they go near his mouth he screws up his little face and dry-retches and spits it out! he likes to taste yoghurt on the pacifier but thats about as far as he’ll go. he is exclusively breast fed and feeds 3 hourly through the day and 2-3 hourly overnight. yes, we have not had a full night since he was born and i think he is a hungry boy but refuses food? Anyone else had this problem? any tips/ideas??



    stacka – I wouldn’t worry. Just give it a couple weeks and try again. My younger son who was EBF didn’t start solids until 8 months b/c he wasn’t ready. Very hungry but not ready. there is not rule that every child should be ready for food at 6 months. Some are later. My older son was ready at 4 months. it is just different. I would give it more time. Talk ot the ped at your 9month appt if your LO still won’t eat solids. Have you tried cereal mixed with BM? That way the taste is familar, still use a spoon to feed but make it almost liquid. That will help them get use to the idea of a spoon vs the breast (or bottle). Good Luck!



    Help….I am open to any suggestions! My son will be 7 months on the 21st of June and I am having a horrible time getting him interested in eating it. I have tried rice cereal and I have been lucky sometimes…so I thought I would try other cereals and still no luck! He gags and eventually will vomit whatever he does eat. I have tried sweet potato, applesauce and he would rather be breastfed!!! I still try him twice a day even if he only has a few spoonfuls cause he needs to get use to it….I feel he doesn’t like the texture. Is this ok….I haven’t been to the DR yet as his appt was cancelled last week…gotta wait til the 23rd…Grrrrrrr….Please if any of you ladies can help I would love it!!!! Being a first time Mommy has been so easy until I started introducing food in May!!!!! lol Thanks 🙂



    How will I know that my baby is ready for solid foods?


    My little girl loves her solids. Fruit and veges are OK but everytime I give her cereal she gets really constipated, even if its just half a table spoon. Any advice?



    I’m trying to come up with meals for baby. she is almost 11 months and eats what we eat, but I need to have some variety other than pasta and chicken.



    cj – At 11 months I wouldn’t be too concerned about what you are feeding as long as it’s healthy and your baby has learned to ‘eat’. Kekoa was eating steak at 11 months (in little pieces of course). He loved Kal-bi, a Hawaiian spare rib. HAHA! Definately a meat man. Whatever you would fix for yourself then serve that, within reason.

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