Teenage parenting

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    Hi! My name is Nicole and I was a young mom long time ago. It was 1990s and the life was hard, now it is much better. I see young moms these years and I am so jealous, because I had to go through much harder times. First of all, me and my parents moved to Russia where people were (and I believe still are) pretty close-minded and stubborn. I have just finished my high school when got pregnant. I was bullied at school and at the university. I was dating the older guy and barely knew him when everything happened, but I truly believed I fell in love once and forever. So, I did not even see the surprising pregnancy as an unwanted one. I wanted a child and I wanted him to be a father. What now? You would not believe it, but we are living in the happiest family ever with 3 children that are all successful, healthy and smart. I am still a young loved wifey of a never-getting-old hubby. Even though we have 20 years difference. We had gone through everything together, and I cannot believe how lucky and happy I am to have all of them. I don’t even want to remember those sleepless night of judging myself because of that judgemental society around. I was at that point thinking about the abortion when everybody was telling me my husband would leave me as soon as I would give a birth. How upsetting it is to look at all of those girls getting divorced these days, being beaten up, etc. Do not listen to anybody, and give a birth t a pretty loving child. I wish you all the best, lady! Keep it strong!



    Can be extremely challanging. When I was young I never wanted kinds maainly cuz of teens I saw. Now my daughter see skin care products (click here https://porevacuumcleaners.com/ if interested) or eye shadow and that’s all she can think about. So I guess my teen is not that bad after all

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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