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    i have never seen a wonderful Doctor like
    Doctor natasha. He is a man of his word and the
    solution of all kind of problems, i call him
    the physical God on earth because of what he
    has done for me with the powerful herbal herbs. I was
    married for seventeen years without any child
    but when i contacted Doctor natasha some
    months back for help,he promised me that all
    will be well with me and my husband then
    she gave me her herbs too me and i am so please to
    tell the world that i got pregnant after one month later and
    today i gave birth to twins. What else can i
    say than to say thank you to Doctor natasha the
    person that has wipe my tears. Do you need
    help then Contact Doctor today Email
    him via:



    hi doctor, thanks for helping me find my babies. i already have 4 son and 3 are g

    oing to be fathers of there own family. im so greatful to god that i have concieved and am doing okay. my sons and the there girlfriends are waiting also to give birth. i know that we are all blessed and should be happyfor all. there are no worries and all the gears are at reachable and affordable price and some are free. i would like to b reast feed and also, breasts.

    i have an appt with the Anaethetist and other things too. i have been a successful vegan diet user for a week and a half, and that is working out better. my husband Ronald is taking care of me and our son sebs,



    theres plenty of savings and goods to help us through, and plenty of karakia/prayer amen.

    we keep our house tidy and clean dialy. i growing vegetables and fruit in our back yard and some herbs and flowers and its graceful.

    keep cool during the heat and keep warm in the colder days. love yous very much. my dad Teia Pokai is an awesome father and he had my mum who is an awesome wife

    Glory to the lord and to the people of the universe. amen

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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