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    Hello all! As I was changing my doctor because of moving to another city, they gave me all my records they kept in their office, and my 20 weeks US says ‘Cerebral lateral ventricles appeared prominent but lateral ventricular atrial width measure 9 mm within normal limits.’ I’ve learnt that usually ladies with such measurement are checked again during their pregnancy to make sure everything is fine, but in my case they never even mentioned this border-line measurement. I am 34 weeks now and very much worried if everything is fine and if they were too careless.



    Firsttime2323 – my 3 year old son had vents of 20mm each side at birth. He’s turned out fine in every way, absolutely no issues whatsoever. 5 days ago my daughter has born who didn’t have ventriculomegaly or any other condition and seems perfectly healthy (early days yet though). So it’s not inevitable that subsequent kids will also have VM.



    Hello Triciah – Thank you for getting back to me – I had a 4D bonding scan (non medical) on Sunday just gone and I was asking because the vents looked long and thin rather than bulging in anyway – just anxious about findings of scan tomorrow with the consultant – not used to feeling vulnerable or out of control. HUGE prayers and best wishes to Sheryal and her little man – go with what you feel is right, you know yourself and your little man the best and will instinctively know what to do, you have to go with your gut instinct and feel that you are doing all that you can. You are much in my thoughts.



    Many congratulations Elenac and Alina. Enjoy your very precious bundles…!!!



    Merry Christmas and big hugs to all of our friends here from Baby Gage’s family! This is Gage’s first Christmas at home and we are so happy he is here with us to celebrate! He loves the brightly colored, flashy lights so perhaps he will convince Mommy & Daddy to leave them up all year long! He reminds us what the season is about and that it’s the simple things that make life so special!
    Nana V!



    Just a question for everyone. I find myself cycling through emotions. At times I feel fine and at peace with everything. Other times I am so scared and just want to cry. What have all you guy’s done to cope with this diagnosis?



    I am new to this site and am hoping to get advice/support. I have been reading the postings on here for a few days and have found it very encouraging. I am 22 weeks pregnant with my second child (a boy). With my first child, also a boy, I had a complication free pregnancy and a healthy baby. This pregnancy has been much different. At my 19 week scan, I was told I needed to come back because they didn’t get enough pictures of the heart. Everything was fine with his heart, but they found a small cyst in his brain & a ‘borderline prominent ventricle’ on the same side as the cyst. The ventricle measured in the 9mm range which in there words was on the higher side of normal. We go back in a few weeks so they can remeasure. Does anyone know if a cyst can somehow have an effect on the size of the ventricle? Also as a side point, they also told me I had ‘marginal insertion’, where the umbilical cord attached to the side of the placenta rather than the middle. If anyone has any information/experience with this either I would greatly appreciate it. I love this baby so much and am trying not to worry!



    But, you are running out of time for the cord blood kits from Duke probably. They are really hard to get in touch with because they get so many requests. If all else fails, you could just have your sil bank commercially and pay ($2k) to expedite the process. We used CBR and were happy with them. It did stink to pay 2 grand for something we could have gotten for free but for peace of mind it was worth it. Technically those twins could come anytime now. The collection of cord blood is a chance you can never get back. We believe it changed our lives forever.



    The UK is far more conservative in highlighting the research that has been done on VM, the hospital that I attended had done more than three studies that I know on the prognosis of antenatally detected VM. A medic that I saw did suggest selective termination of my twin son to me as an option when I was 29 weeks pregnant (with the risk of harming his twin sister) but when I saw the specialist he did not suggest it at all. My son went on to be diagnosed with agenesis corpus callosum, a relatively new structure of the brain to be identified by US – an MRI scan confirmed this when I was 31 weeks pregnant. My specialist thought that this was good news! I was petrified. What I will say is, that without extra scans for twins, I would be none-the-wiser about by son’s diagnosis – he is lovely, a welcome member of our six children. This does not stop me remembering being offered the choices that I was, or the fact that once mentioned I ruminated on the decision that I made to continue with the pregnancy and whether this was the right thing to do, I could not believe the positive comments of my specialist, and dont for a moment believe that I would have been influenced by another person’s positive experience with their child. I do not envy anyone faced with this decision, but know that it would be one made with much thought and personal soul searching. No one else would truly understand that. Turtlemom understood, she listened, she took the time to remember my scans and virtually held my hand when I needed her too, this was before she knew that she had such a positive outcome with her little girl. That is what I needed, something that I did not feel that anyone else, having not been through what I was going through understood. For that I will be eternally grateful. It is also why I drop into the forum every now and then, am careful not to suggest that my outcome may be others outcomes, which is something that Turtlemom is clear on too. It has been very sad to read the postings on this forum for the past couple of weeks, never has it felt that the support has been so divided, it feels as if what we are forgetting is that we are all in pain, we all want what is best for our children, children that are here and children that are no longer with us and the suggestion that there maybe something ‘different’ about them is a hard suggestion to digest.



    hi everyone! I have bad news about my little one, she is now 19 month but she still can´t walk,she had severe vomiting last month, and the pediatrician told me that she is not growing properly, he is conncernde about her head measurements 44.4 cm,it shoud be at least 2 cm above at this age!! my baby was diagnosed at 30 week of gestation with Ventriculomegaly 15-16 mm L/R . I´m so sad, expecting the worst!! any one had same problem?I need your help



    Aria, This is Cassie’s other e-mail since she said she didn’t get one at her PHF e-mail yet: [email protected]



    Good morning! I’m hoping for some positive thoughts and prayers. My anxiety is through the roof. I’m being induced at 39w Monday, really because my stress level can’t be good for this baby. I’ve had unilateral imv since 20 weeks but just in these past two weeks the left ventricle is now measuring 12 while the right increased to 15mm. I really though they’d stay stable through my third trimester. Im so scared there must be some kind of blockage. Babies head circumference measured 33.5cm which I was told is the most reassuring thing. We declined the amino early on because my measurements were so close to the normal range.
    Any positive stories anyone can share would really be helpful.



    36 week update – our baby boy now has two vent measurements 27/31 (down from 40 on one vent last week). Microarray came back clear to eliminate genetic factors, no spina bifida, or other apparent anomalies, etc. Met with neurosurgeon who said he would likely need surgery on fenestration within first few days and aqueductal stenosis was mentioned again. The womb is the safest place to be right now to avoid further complications and the fact that it most likely occurred in the third trimester is also a positive. We are doing a little better, having had time to let it sink in, and are trying to remain positive. Doc. Said 1/3 will be okay, 1/3 will have mild to moderate delays, and 1/3 severe delays is accurate in this case. Best wishes to all parents out there – this forum makes us feel like we’re not alone.



    Hello Turtlemom, both vents looked similiar in length and width. The sonographer did not measure them as it was not a medical scan, she did say that based on her observations she would have referred me to a consultant. She said that they were not the largest that she had seen. In comparison to my girl twin you could see the vents in the boy, you couldn’t in the girl clearly. Not sure if this means she has very small vents that are working well or he has large ones as we could see them. Also not clear on whether we were looking at their heads on a definate scale or they were scaled down or up. Know I have to wait until tomorrow for accurate measurement and full information and now not sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me!



    hi im just looking throw pages on this site to find some answers to the situation im in with my baby…im 18 weeks pregnant tomorrow but at my 14 week routine ultrasound i was told baby had lots of fluid around th head and brain. i needed to come back 2 weeks later at 16 weeks to get a more detailed scan and get exact due date as babys head was measuring bigger…at that scan we were told or baby has a cleft lip and palate and could have chromosone problems…stating problems much worse than downs syndrome i was told. well had another scan yesterday along with an amniosenthsis test. the doctor explained babys brain looks that of a 14 week fetus and that is her main concern….and fluid is still there. i dont know what to think at the moment and so scared of the outcome…just wondering can any1 shed some light or stories where doctors give worst case senarios and my baby will only have cleft problems and this seems minor compared 2 other problems….thank you

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