Vomiting babies

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    Why is my vomiting?



    Just some advice for mommies dealing with very sicky babies – My son Lucas has been sick all day every did since i stopped bf at 3 months. I was always told that seeing as he has excellent weight gain and seemed happy he would probably stop after being weaned. Well he never did and also was really unsettled sleeping, had awful toilet habits sorry TMI lol but also his chest sounded really nasty too. I changed his milk to soya about a month back but got no change, so finally i spoke to new doctor who listed all the symptoms he has and said this means he is probably milk intolarant, even soya. He was prescribed a speacial mike, Finally 7 months after it all began he sleeps (amazinng!!) doesn’t bring up everything all over his clothes and is way happier for it. If anyone is in the same situation just remember even reflux shouldnt go on so long and definitely have to keep pushing as doctors are always so quick to right it off as nothing.



    What does it mean when my 12 slmost 13 week old sons spit up/throw up smells sour?

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