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    How can I help my child maintain a healthy weight?



    The current recommendation is to wait til baby is 6 months, some are ready around 5 months. This is for several reasons: their tongues aren’t ready for the action of swallowing from a spoon, their intestines aren’t ready, and their bodies simply don’t need anything other than breastmilk or formula at this stage. You should also start with cereal because it’s easy to digest and gets their bodies ready for food. You need to transition into adding foods to their diets. It is recommended to give one type of food for at least 3 days before introducing another, to give the baby’s body a chance to let you know if they are going to react poorly to it.


    At what age can I start giving my daughter food out of the jars? Like the banana and peas? Stuff like that. She is 3 months now. Do I have to give her cereal first before the jar food. She sleeps through the night so I dont think I need the cereal to help with her sleeping.



    Just had my baby measured yesterday (I am 33 weeks) and they told me he is 5 lbs 3 oz. Does this mean I’ll have a big baby?



    I have a fat baby!! He loves to eat. The doctor suggested more baby food and less formula but he loves his bottles and I do feed him plenty of baby food….I think? 2-3 medium jars a day. He just turned 5 mths and weighs 21 lbs 3 oz and is 27 3/4 inches long. He is 95th percentile on his height and over the 100th on his weight!! And he is up all night to eat still. He never sleeps all night!



    she sounds like shes doing great my friends baby is exactly 4 months and hes just hit 14lbs…



    Hi all. My lil girl is 17lbs and 4 months old. She normally puts on a lb every 2 weeks but this time it was only 6oz in 2 weeks. So i think she must be slowing down. She is breastfed only. My sis lil boy who was born a week earlier is tiny in comparisson. There all different but extremely cute and adorable in their own little ways!



    My son is 3 months old and he eats rice cereal with bananas or apples mixed in. I nurse him every 3 hrs or so, and he is doing VERY well with it. I think it depends on the child. My other two kids started eating cereal and jar foods closer to 5 months, because that’s when they acted like they wanted it. I mean besides an obvious change in his diaper consistency, my 3 month old has shown no aversions to his new diet and actually seems more satisfied after meals. This is only his 2nd week on the fruit/cereal combo, but he’s doing very well with it. Go off your baby’s cues… it really is true, when he/she starts licking his lips and crying when you’re eating, try giving him/her some cereal. This also helps with giving you a chance, if you’re nursing, to pump some milk to store for a night away or a long day out with the baby. That’s my experience anyways… coming from a mother of 3



    victoriasmommy143 – The American Ped Asso. is now recommending 6months for food. There are many reasons. Lizzie did give you some like babies not being ready for it. But also, food too early can lead to food alergies, gast. problems and early onset diabetes. Honestly, if your baby is hungry just feed more milk. Four months is the earliest I would even consider cereal because of these reasons. Granted, there are babies with reflux that need cereal earlier because the benefits out weigh the risks but if your baby doesn’t then stick with milk for now. Your baby will tell you when s/he is ready. Sitting up is actually a start. If your baby can’t sit upright in a high chair then don’t feed yet. Also, it is also proven to be a myth that food makes babies sleep longer. It may just may be that many babies start sleeping through the night during the time that food is introduced. I can tell you that it didn’t work with my son. He is 1 and still wakes up once or twice during the night and wants to breastfeed every time. A little frustrating but I’m not weaning yet so I don’t mind.



    there are studies that show that children who are fed before the age of 4 months are FOUR times as likely to develop diabetes. i would be careful.


    My little girl weight 7 lbs 13.4oz at birth and now at 5 months she weighs in at 23 lbs 8 oz! Big girl, But I think she will slim down. I have such a chunk



    tarakm… my kids we arlways big like yours, My oldest daughter was so big with little petie ankles that she did walk till 15 months. She will be 14 on saturday and is almost 6 feet tall weighs about 125 and is absolutly beautiful… no chunk left at all. my new baby is a big girl too



    My issue is the opposite as having a bigger baby. My little guy is 7 months and only 16#. He has just barely doubled his weight and has always been on the lower end of the weight chart. He is rather long though and the doctors are going to watch him to make sure he is ok but they told me not to worry to much about it just yet as he is hitting all the normal milestones along the way. (He started crawling already, wow!) Those little hands can grab things so quickly. And man is he into everything. So I have decided to step back and just wait to see what happens at his 9 month appointment.



    my lil girl is 7mnths and is almost 15lbs


    my baby is 10 months old and weighs 17lbs still wearing 3/6 month clothing she’s kinda on the small side but is perfect!

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