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    My little boy has just gone 20weeks and when weighed last Friday was 17lb 10oz, not a problem though as he is still on the right percentile.



    My son was 17 lbs at 3 months 🙂 My older two were about that as well ~ All fine and never a concern, all babies vary 🙂



    my little girl is 9 months and 14.5 lbs… she is perfect for her curve and very healthy, but i am getting tired of people thinking she is like 6 months..it is getting really old…



    Alright, Miss Bridget is 17 lbs at a year, shes hitting all of her milestones, shes pulling up but not walking yet. We took her for her check up and they have taken a million blood samples to check everything from thyroid to gastro intestinal problems, and nothing has come back too off the charts. Now she has stopped eating anything but breakfast and then she only eats a tiny bit….is anyone else’s baby having a decrease in appetite or just small???



    My daughter weighed in at 16.5 lbs at her one year check up. 28 inches long. Has reached all the milestones. Been walking since 11 months. The dr was a bit concerned and we had blood and urine work done. Both came back normal. Dr. seems to think its genetics as my family is tall and skinny except mom( 5’2 and 100 lbs) He told me to get as many calories as you can in her before her 15 month check up… I feel her appetite has increased for the most part… I give her snacks when not in the high chair and that seems to help. She eats when shes hungry!


    aggie…omg, shes so small…my girl weighed at 18 lbs and 29 in at her 6 mth appt…is she a giant? LOL



    My baby is almost 17 months and he’s still wearing 12 month old clothing. I think he’s about 22 lbs. He eats well but just tiny. my other 2 were small also. I’m not to worried about my baby though, because my other 2 kids are now 17 and 12 and they are a healthy weight.



    At Brody’s 4 month old doc appt he weighed 17lbs 10oz and 29 in a half inches long. He has another appt on Tuesday (he’s five months old today) and I wonder how much he’s going to weigh and how long he is. I saw at my friend’s house the other day & her mom babysits a 7month old and Brody was somewhat taller than that baby & he looked like he weighed as much as that baby. When he was born he was 8lbs 5oz and 22 in a half inches long but none of his newborn clothes fit…he was tiny. Anyone else have an tall baby that doesnt look their age?



    I believe that every baby is different and as long as your baby’s doctor isnt concerned and you know you have a healthy child…then I dont think you should be worried either. The last time Brody was at the doctor, she didnt mention anything about his weight…she said he’s a beautiful, growing, healthy boy.



    my little boy is 6.5 months and 17lbs 9oz. everyone says he is big but i think hes normal size



    my son was 17.5 at 4 months!! so dont worry, yours isnt too big at all!



    my son was always really big,tall and chubby.if i can remember right at 6 months he was 20 lbs!

    as a first time mom i was worried a little bit, and he wasn’t even eatimg all that much,he was just chunky like that. but now he is 15 months old and perfect weight and height:) so whoever thinks their baby is too big, or has too much fat, dont worry,you can never overfeed a baby,they eat however much they need. once they start moving,walking,crawling,etc. it will al go off.



    thanks ladies. im happy with his weight. he is more solid than chubby. but my mother in law keeps saying he is huge. theres a photo on my profile that was taken a few days ago



    So are my children too small, my son is 36 months and only weighs 26 lbs. And my daughter is 5 and weighs 36 lbs. I have been reading everyone’s comments about theyre kids being 18 months and weighing 22 lbs. So I am just wondering the average weight is for 3 and 5 year old.



    I think overweight is a huge issue- BUT if your child is a bigger kid and eats HEALTHY- i mean true healthy girls- not oreo’s and no veggies etc. A childs food intake is PARENT DIRECTED. so take responsibility… BUT- i knew a breastfed baby that was 18 pounds by 3 motnhs. she looked like an blob…lol- where my daugther weiged 14pounds at 6 months… and weighed 19 at 18 months. SO- she was just tiny and petite. I knew what she ate and was not concerned the pediatritions were freaking out- but i knew she was healthy… and now at 5.5 she weighs 35 pounds. and my son at 3.5 weighs the same… differnt dads different make ups-

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