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    my little girl had her 15 month checkup today and she’s 18 lbs 10 oz and 30.5 inches! So since her one year cu she has gained two lbs and grew 2.5 inches!



    Hi, my oldest daughter, was 14.8 lbs at her 1 yr checkup….dr’s alwasy told us she was just small. Now my daughter is almost 3 and weighs 24.75lbs, and we do have such problems with wic and NOW, dr’s put her back on pediasure, but she won’t drink it, so we are hiding calories, she eats awesome, healthier then i do in fact. She’s just small and she is super super active!! They hav etried putting failure to thrive, but I have since found out, that unless she is lethargic, has problems sleeping, delays in development, that she is, just small, and no dr should have her down as failing to thrive, made me feel a bit better. I was so worried about it for awhile, wondering what we do/did wrong, we have scheduled an appt, with an endocrinologist, to check her hormones, to make sure there is not something going on there. We go in august, right before she turns 3.



    jcpm- I wouldnt worry about her weight. It seems like you are doing everything that you should be doing. My daughter turns 3 in Oct and weighs 24lbs. The doctor told me it was just because she is so active. Unless she is showing any signs of being unhealthy- ie- lack of energy, bones sticking out oddly, etc, I wouldnt worry. Just remember that as a mom, you know your child best.



    Happy Forest– I’m happy that I’m not te only mom with a big baby like that. cuz my son was 17.11lbs @ 4 months && 25.5” In the doc said he was in the 93% tile. I was worry about his weight, but I’m not cause he’s healthy && I dont over feed him.



    I juss had my baby weighed yesterday, the doctor said he is 15lb 3oz and hes only 2 months old and that he is in the 97%tile She said not to worry and that hes perfectly healthy!



    Hello ladies, I have been reading your comments about your babies being underweight and my health visitor is constantly telling me that my daughter is underweight. She is 15 months old and is 20lbs 2oz. She eats constantly and has chubby bits on her legs, arms and tummy. She is just petite. I think its really unfair the pressure that is put on us parents to follow the guidelines and what should be the norm. What is normal??? All children are different! Isabelle is my first child and I for one am certain that I will not be going to see health visitors with my second if i ever have one. sorry for my rant but it makes me mad! but reading your comments here have made me feel loads better and that im not alone. helenx


    I had Elliott weighed Monday and he was 21lb 3oz (he is 8 1/2 months old) he is exactly the same as my friends 15 month old daughter who was born 2 and 1/2 months prem


    Yeah, my daughter is bigger than all the babies we know. lol she will be 6 months next week and weighs about 20lbs. But she is long too. She’s almost as big as my 18 month old nephew! He’s 24lbs



    My baby is 3 an a half months old an he weighs 20 pounds! Hes a bigg boy!!



    Hey ladies… my son will be 5 months in a week and he is a beautiful baby boy. When I went to the docs for his 4 month he was 17 lbs and 26.5 inches long! He’s a big boy rangin in the top 95th average percentile ….but I love his little rolls! I honestly don’t think that having an overweight or underweight baby is a problem under the age of 12 months! Its just when there’s a HUGE change in there weight…that’s when you need to be worried!


    Hey i havent had my daughter weighed recently but she off to the doctors today for something else today and i think im going to ask if they can as when i put her on scales at home shes only about 19. something lbs and shes been like that for a couple of months. Shes very active and she eats home cooked healthy food most of the time. I have been giving her alot of biscuits etc the last month to see if she gains but nothing. Paul and i were both stick thin until we were in our teenage years. We’re not fat now just not so skinny so maybe she going to be like that. It is a little worrying for all mums things like this, no harm in getting them checked, but from what i have seen what is classed as normal is anything as long as they are running about etc.



    I just took my daughter to her 12 month check up and she is 29 inches long and weighs 20.4 lbs. Doctor says she is just under the 50% mark on the growth chart for weight. He wasnt too concerned. she is very active and is walking all over the place.



    my 13 month old daughter weighs 17.4lb and is 28.5 inches long so shes a tiny one. My older daughter is just about 5 and is 32lbs so they are both small. It is just genetics in our case…they always gain just not much



    just had my lil one 18month checkup she is 22.5lbs n is 30in tall…the doc said she is a lil small for her age with height n weight but she is a very healthy and active lil one



    Hi all, My girl is almost 7 months old and is not gaining weight at all! She gained weight until she was 4 months old, then it started going down hill! She just seems to be losing all the time! She only weighs 13 pound 6 ounces, the heaviest shes ever been is 14 pound 12 ounces. She eats 3 solid meals a day with desserts too. 3 breastfeeds a day also. Yet shes not gaining. Im so worried. I had her weighed today, and the health visitos wrote that Rikku (my girl) is ‘reportedly’ eating 3 meals a day. I feel she doesnt believe im feeding her! But why would i lie and starve my child! Im so down about it and scared theyll think im abusing her or something terrible! What should i do! Anyone else know of any babies similar? Developmentally she is fine, she does everything a 7 month baby is expected to do. She smiles loads, laughs, shes active and loves playing. shes also sitting on her own! She looks normal too, she doesnt look scrawny, and sat next to the other babies her age she looks no different, even though they eigh about 4 pounds more than her! Please help, these so called ‘professionals’ are making me feel im a failure! im stuck on what to do to make my baby gain weight! x

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