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    jessie- i was in the same boat with you! my daughter was constantly tiny only gaining about 5-10oz a month and at her 12mo checkup she only weighed 18lbs 4oz, she was always at the below 5% range on the growth curve. the hard part with your situation is your daughter is losing where mine always gained but not much. have you talked with your doc about doing testing? ragan (my daughter) eats like a horse sometimes eating as much as my older girls do but yet can’t keep the weight on but for her to be losing weight i would be more concerned about that. good luck and try not to get too upset as all babies grow on their own!



    Just had my 18mo weighed she’s 21lb 13oz and 30in long. Health visitor said she’s on 25th centile even though she has only gained 11oz in 4mths she’s not concerned as shes so active and happy. My other two were big babies always on 95th centile. I’m enjoying having a petite little girl this time round her clothes last ages i get bored of them before she grows out of them lol



    My son is now almost 3 months old and weighs 11lbs 6oz. Hes in the 33 percentile and he is small. My doctor says hes very healthy and he is a very happy baby and wakes for feeds, im breasfeeding exclusively and he said breast fed babies tend to be leaner. And i mean at first when he started gainin weight slowly (about 3-4 oz a week now) The nurse i was seeing for breastfeeding help kept asking if my milk supply was ok, and so id stress thinking its low, but i know for a fact its not and im not stressin about it, he eats like a lil piggie and he stops when hes full and he eats every 2-3 hours during the day and sleep 7 hours at night. He is just a little smaller but as long as hes happy and healthy, he said i have nothing to worry about , so im not, i would only be concerned if he didn gain weight, or started losing, and hes never lost weight.



    debsandgrace- my little boy who is 2 and a half yrs old only weighs like 23 lbs. which is extremely low and the drs say they are not too worried yet since he is definitely very active and he doesnt look like he is starved or anything. as a mother.. it really concerns me. he hardly eats. just likes his liquids! but my 6 month old is like 6 lbs lighter then him and loves to eat. i think it just really depends on your kid. since each and everyone is soo different



    my son is 3 will be 4 next month he is33pbs
    and my daughter is 1 and 25 pds!!



    My daughter is 21 months and just weighed in at 22.2lbs… The doctor didn’t seem bothered by it so I am trying not to be bothered by it, but sometimes I just want to feed her a cake to fatten her up a bit… lol



    my 16-month-old ds is 22 lbs. sometimes i worry he’s too skinny but he eats and seems healthy and has 2 to 3 poops a day so i think he’s good! each and every child is different and as long as they are eating and going #2 and playing they should be fine.



    jessipoo – i would look into getting her checked out just in case. given the circumstances you have given i would get mine checked over if it were me for peace of mind. don’t feel intimidated by the nurse, you’re doing a great job – perhaps some positive influence from her would have been nice!! i think i would have cracked it lol. i hate nurses!! 🙁



    At my daughters 3 yr old check up she weighed 27 lbs and 3 feet tall. 20 % for weight and average for height.


    my 29 month old has weighed 23lbs since she turned 1 no matter what diet we try for her to gain weight nothing works she has been on pediasure for 4 months and managed to gain like 3oz im not concerned because she is a healthy 2.5 year old girl lots of energy never sits down and very feisty..she is also only 33in wears 18 month clothing i have not had to buy anything which is good saves me money on clothing cost


    Jessipoo: Not sure if you’re still checking this site as your comment was a while ago, but want to let you know that I work in the medical field and it’s typical to write ‘reportedly’ when writing about something that the parent has reported. Not bc they don’t believe you, but so insurance companies know this was reported by the parent and not directly observed by the professional. Good luck!

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