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    What types of food and drinks should I avoid while breastfeeding?



    latest research i have seen has said that if you have only 2 alcoholic beverages then there is no need to ‘pump and dump’ because it is only a very very small amount that is excreted in breast milk and it would have absolutely no effect on bubs whatsoever. As a breast feeding mother who drinks 2 standard drinks per day up to 3 times per week I am finding it is not affecting my baby at all.



    canadababy- with the alcohol and pump and dump, they are incorrect…alcohol leaves milk like it does your bloodstream, if the alcohol has metabolized, you are fine to bf child. I however have to agree with some of their irritants….my lo has a very sensitive tummy and I had to very careful with everything I ate at the beginning. I tried caffeine once and he did very poorly (awake for hours) so I haven’t gone there again. Also, potatoes and chocolate cause him to get MAJOR gas and discomfort. I think some babies are just more sensitive than others, just like adults.



    my lactation consultant told me to take garlic tablets to make my milk sweeter but i think it may be making her gassy as the article suggested. she wakes up at night screaming. she is 8 months old. was anyone else told to take garlic in order to get their baby to eat more?



    I have a question about ‘pump and dump’. I am a 1st time mom and was wondering if I ate something spicy or something that I think may not be easy on baby’s tummy and I am breastfeeding, Is there a time frame to pump and dump or how do I know when it is safe to go ahead with her being able to take the milk? For example, I ate some spicy food but then remembered that I hadn’t pumped in a while so as soon as I finished eating, I IMMEDIATELY pumped-should it be ok for her to have? or should I wait a certain number of hours then pump and dump???



    There is no reason to not feed your baby after eating spicy food! I would not worry at all about pumping-n-dumping. Your baby will let you know if she doesn’t like it, but the great majority are just fine with spicy foods.



    i was told that you dont need to pump and dump after you drink alcohol. just if you feel drunk or buzzed then its still im ur breast milk. i breastfeed and i like to have A glass of wine here or there.



    My baby spits up A LOT after I drink orange juice. It’s kinda crazy….the foods/drinks you think you should consume while breasfeeding are not recommended. Who’d-a thunk it? Anyways, I’ve been getting an upset belly lately after dairy products…and I never used to. I wonder if since it gives me an upset stomach, it will give my baby an upset stomach as well? Hmmm…I just eat what I’m hungry for and hope it doesn’t upset little Cailin’s belly. She does spit up a lot though…so who knows…it’s all a little confusing. As far as the alcohol goes, I read in an article to not nurse your baby for 3 hours after drinking it. But I think it all depends on how much you drink. It’s probably right if you only have one drink.



    hello! questions ladies, what about smoking cigarettes? before i was pregnant i was a smoker…when i found out i was prego i stopped…but now that im not anymore there are times im craving for a cigarette but i dont smoke cause im thinking its not good to smoke and breastfeed..is that true?



    msmeli81 – Definately, plus do you really want to take it up again? You’ve done so good by quitting during pregnancy. Now that you’ve gotten past the hard part why take it up again? It’s bad for you and baby. Children with smoking parents have a higher liklihood of developing asthma. I know because I have it! I have no alergies what so ever but both my parents smoked while I was young. I suffered from asthma my whole childhood. It can pass through the milk as well but not to the same extent. It’s more about the health of being around the smoke (even if you smoke outside it’s still on you). Also, it’s not good for you. We all know smoking is bad and kills your lungs. I understand it’s a habit but why would you intentially want to start back up once you’ve quit? Think of it this way, for every day you aren’t smoking that could possibly be an extra day you get to spend with your child and grandchildren later on in life.



    My Mum smoked 3 cigs a day when pregnant with me (in those days, they advised you to cut down as opposed to quitting), and I’m hardly ever sick and have no alergies. I got a cold a few months back. First time I’d been ill in years. I stopped smoking when I was pregnant, and haven’t smoked since (she’s now 5-weeks-old). I gotta say, though — I miss it (no cravings, urges, etc, just miss the habit)… Does it get easier?? Lol.


    My mom was a smoker and my sister and I have no allergies and no asthma.. We are also rarely sick… My aunt who NEVER smoked had a child who is allergic to everything and has severe asthma and is almost constantly sick.. Go figure?..



    I have horrible allergies at the moment and am BF my 5 week old. Does anyone know what allergy meds i can take that are safe while breastfeeding?



    if i take norco for pain how long does it take for it to not be present in my breastmilk????



    Alcoholic beverages, caffeine products, citrus fruits and their juices, fish needs to be avoided during breastfeeding.

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