I am helpless and very stressed.

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    My son is turning 4 this week.I observe some speech problem in him. I consulted his pediatrician. He has suggested getting him tested for Autism. While I scheduled to be on the list of getting an appointment. It’s not for about 8 months that there are any openings, unfortunately. Anyways, I have our second on the way. My serious concern is if he comes back positive for Autism. My question is would our second be more prone to being positive? Anyone who does have an Autistic or even Asperger’s positive child? How does it make a difference for learning to speak full sentences? I’m honestly scared because of how long the wait is? I really want that the tests come out to be negative. I am worried about the next child as well. I should not be taking stress during my pregnancy. I am helpless and very stressed.



    Kids who have discourse issue may experience difficulty making discourse sounds accurately. They may delay or stammer when talking. Youngsters with language issue may experience difficulty understanding what others state or trouble sharing their musings.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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