Orthopedic care?

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    Hi all,
    Is there any effect in orthopedic care during pregnancy? I’m pregnant for 3 months and I have been suffering from severe lower back pain and muscle pain. I know this is common during pregnancy but I cannot handle the pain. I’m not able to do anything due to this pain. My mom advised me to do simple exercises but it hurts while exercising. One of my friends suggested me to attend prenatal orthopedic care programs and to get prenatal massage therapy to ease the pain. Will it be effective? I’m wondering how could I do such activities without hurting myself. Any suggestions? Anyone here tried orthopedic care during your pregnancy? Share your experience.



    Hi dear. I had it bad early on. it comes and goes now but I do a mix of chiro, massage (got my ob to write a prescription to cover!) and yoga. Massage and yoga help the most. Get on hands and knees, then shift one knee forward and bring your foot in front of the opposite knee. Slowly slide your other leg back. Depending on comfort level you can still sit up bracing hands on the floor or do the modified above or even lay your chest down further. Use a pillow, folded blanket or yoga block under the thigh of the forward leg if you need extra room for your belly. Breathe deep and really focus on relaxing into the pose. Consciously let go of any tension in your hip, leg or back. Prenatal massage offers temporary relief and I haven’t tried a chiropractor yet but I’ve heard good things (but to be honest I’m one of those people who doesn’t feel comfortable with chiro that much so I probably won’t. Yoga is the only thing working for me!). Hope it helps.

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