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    This is one of the happiest phases of my life. I gave birth to my little angel 3 months before and she is doing well. I’m so happy for her, but I’m having some health issues after the delivery. Since it was a C-section, it took some time for a recovery, but even after recovering from the scars, I’m having some digestive issues and lower abdominal pain. My doctor prescribed me some medications and advised me to do some simple exercises. Can anyone suggest some simple exercises that can be done after a c-section? Another severe problem which I’m facing after C-section is hair shedding. I had lost 70% of my hair after the surgery and I’m planning for a hair loss treatment ( )with the help of my trichologist in Toronto. But I wonder whether this could be the right time to get such treatment. Any thoughts? Are there any risks in hair loss treatments? Does anyone try it after a c-section? Kindly share your experiences.

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