Tooth ache during pregnancy

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    Hey, I am 2 months pregnant. I currently don’t have any pregnancy woes but I am suffering from a severe toothache. My hubby asked me to visit an emergency dental care in Toronto. I am not willing to visit a dentist as I have heard that dental procedures should be avoided during pregnancy as it may harm the baby. What should I do? Is it safe to take ibuprofen during pregnancy? Or is there any other safe treatment for a toothache? Please help, I am groaning in pain.



    Hi dear. I have a tooth infection which was cured with the help of Lotus Center of Ukraine and my dentist. They both work together to help me get rid of it. It was so bad I looked up remedies online I used toothpaste and just put a huge glob on it for 5min and it took the pain away for about 30min.You can’t use clove oil when pregnancy I looked it up. when not pregnancy though it sounds like a miracle worker. I went to E.R because it was weekend and my dentist wasn’t open until Monday the E.R doctor saw it was infected and gave me penicillin and told me to follow up with the dentist because when you are pregnant is the most important time to see your dentist. The dentist can work on your teeth but they have limits, your Gynecologist n dentist should talk that’s what mine does. I hope the woman reading it will be helpful from my experience. Best of luck to all of you for your better future. Be safe and stay blessed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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