Tummy tuck recovery: Any idea?

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    Hi, I’m 36 years old, mother of two kids. And my last delivery was about 2 years back. I have a pretty flat tummy but have loose skin on my lower abdomen that I would like to get removed. I’m strongly considering to undergo a tummy tuck surgery ( http://www.lakeviewsurgery.com/cosmetic-surgical-procedures/tummy-tuck/ ). And within a couple of weeks, I will be having a consultation with the surgeon. Before that, I would like to hear from some of you who have had a surgery. How long after surgery do you think I have to stay away from my kids? What is the estimated downtime of recovery? Any Ideas?



    I have heard that regular massage also helps in reducing the post baby bump.



    Hi dear. I am really happy that you are searching for answers on such a renowned forum. I also tried to get answers from here and got the best answers. I did have the tummy tuck in Ukraine as I heard they have the best technology and person for doing it and I was right. My tummy tuck was performed on August 15, 2016. I had no issues with my incision healing. My scar is pencil line thin and healing well with little darkening. I am using a scar gel, Bio Oil, along with Microspore tape to ease some of the tension on the scar. I purchased Embrace silicone sheets and plan on using it to continue to treat and reduce darkening of the scar. Wishing you well as you continue your research, you’ll great deal of support and insight on the forums. You will too have a flat tummy soon with minimal effort. I hope the information I gave will be helpful to all. Be safe and stay blessed. I wish the best future for your child.



    Hi dear. I had a tummy tuck in 2009 and had my son last August. I couldn’t even tell the difference after he was born and I gained 60lbs with him. I lost all but 10 before I became pregnant with my daughter 2 months later and I gave birth to her on the first. She is 5 days old and I gained 60 with her. I’m 5 days pp and other than the extra weight I’m still carrying which is about 40 pounds I can’t tell a difference. My tummy is still tight and I’m sure it will be close to normal in a few weeks. I wouldn’t worry too much. I have a lot of water still on my legs and feet and noticed a lot of water weight with both pregnancies. I showed with my son at about 24 weeks and 13 weeks with my daughter. And with my daughter, I looked huge compared to my son. I hope the information will help all the mothers who are reading. Best of luck and Congrats on motherhood.

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