Amniotic fluid

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    What roles does the amniotic fluid play in pregnancy?



    can anyone help i had a ultrasound 2 day they said amniotic fluid is low ive look at my notes and it says 5cm is that how much fluid their is does anyone know how much is normal or two low ive got to be check 2 morrow again im worried it two low can anyone help please thanks



    anyone have any problems with an amniotic band?



    scary story! my water bag was leaking for a while and the doc never caught it. one day close to my due date i didnt feel my baby move and i was instructed by my docs to stay home and the reason y he wasnt moving was because of the lack or space left in the womb. of course my mother instincts kicked in and i went anyway and the docs ended taking him out right away because he could of died. now i have a healthy 3 year old boy!



    Im 23 weeks & 4 days, About 2 weeks ago my water had broke out of surprise i had no complications my whole pregnancy. When your water breaks you obviously loose your amniotic fluid, the baby need sthis fluid for development. But doctors told me that babies produce fluid through there urine.So for the last 2 weeks ive been hospitilized an on complete bedrest only can use the ladies room an thats not even a foot away! they told me that the baby wouldnt make it the first 2 days an like I said Ive been here just about 2 weeks so I think its just all on hope! I have to lay with my feet up, Docs say that it helps hold the fliud in. So pinkxx hun If the doctor feels it is low they will probably most likely put you on bedrest again the baby need that fluid to learn to breath an move around, Today i got a shot for his lungs it comes in two doses suppose to help mature his lungss an give him a better chance for survival if he comes early. Im hopin oh so not baby boy is very strong an weve made it this far, So just take it easy hun! if you can bed rest is the best in my opinion & lots hugs & kisses ffrom the hubby!!! W/ unconditional support!



    q – how do u know if u are leaking amniotic fluid or urine?



    Shola: They can do a test stick and It show’s. I had oligohydramnios with my Angel daughter.. We had lot’s of other problem’s also and my little one went to Heaven.
    I did leak fluid from very early on.



    I am 19 weeks and just had my results back from my AFP test..they show some abnormality so I have been advised by my doctor to do the amniocentesis test just to make sure all is well!! They say it’s quite common for someone my age 34 to have abnormalities and it’s my 1st preganancy. So I am getting it done next week!! so fingers crossed all goes well!!.



    I just bumped into this forum. I didn’t know it ws on this website. Well I see that no one has posted in while but I will still share my story, hoping someone can relate. My water broke when i was 17wks, im currently 21wks now. My fluid level is extremely low but thank God i can still feel my baby move. I go to the dr 2x a week and take my temp 2x a day. I was prescribed antibiotics a few weeks ago to prevent infection. I will be admitted in 3wks and will be in the hospital until i deliver him at 34wks.



    do any of u have this?



    I did, the last two weeks of pregnancy, and one of the reasons I was c-sectioned at 36 weeks. Docs may need to keep a close eye on your fluid levels to make sure babe has enough room to grow and practice breathing. Just take it easy 🙂



    Yes I did. My ob said it was because I was given indocin twice to stop premature labour. My amnio fluid levels were really low. I had my baby at 36 weeks, she’s healthy.



    I went to my U/S yesterday and the doctors are making me drink a gallon of water a day and lots of rest! I am at 22 weeks and 5 days. Has anyone else experienced this? At this early stage I mean? I am pretty freaked out about it. My baby moves all the time so Im not worried about movement just yet, but I still have alot of concerns! Thank you in advance!



    a friend of mine had this and lost her baby at 16 weeks. i am now 13 weeks and any discharge or ‘wetness’ scares me, thinking i could have it too. what is the symptoms? cramping, type of smell? pls help



    Please i need a response . I’m am 17w now and i have no amniotic fluids around the baby plus my placenta is not where its suppose to be something like placenta previa but its not covering my cervix its on top of it . I’m just confused and it seem like the doctors are given me 1 option and that’s sayin its not gonna live what should i do I’ve beeen drinkn lots and lots of water and cranberry juice what should i do? Plz respond i need some answers from those who has had this happen before 🙁

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