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    What is Iron Deficiency Anemia? How is it treated?



    I’ve been anemic all 3 pregnancies and usually slightly anemic in between. So as soon as I knew I was pregnant this time, I started to take iron supplements. Even by the time they took my blood at 12 weeks, I was still anemic. Just had more work done for my GD test and my numbers have dropped. I have iron added to my pre-nats and they make me sick so I take them at night. Well along with them, I usually drink OJ, take a stool softener and then tums. WRONG! You need to take your iron WITHOUT calcium. So OJ is great if it’s not calcium fortified. So they suggested I take a vitamin C along with it and instead of TUMS, which are calcium based, take Mylanta. This should work out much better. I also take the stool softener, rather than a laxative, to help not get constipated from the iron. Thought I’d share!


    Wow! I found out I was anemic throught the rest of my pregnancy! No wonder I’ve been feeling more tired than I read that I should! I’ve experienced the shortness of breath and dizziness too.



    Hey ladies!!! Im from week 38 but i wanted to share my experience about being anemic throughout my pregnancy….. I found out i was anemic when i was 26 weeks.. i went in for my glucose testing and they told me that they would give me the results at my next appointment.. well 2 days after i had the testing the dr.’s office called and said my iron levels were really low again so they were gonna be putting me on an iron supplement and to go pick it up from the pharmancy.. well, when i was 15 weeks and i had some blood work my iron levels were quite low but instead of putting me on an iron pill at that time they just gave me a different pre-natal vitman with more iron… anyways, i started taking the iron pills and i was AMAZED at how much better i started feeling… i no longer felt dizzy and tired all the time so i am ALL FOR THE IRON PILL LOL!!! But there are a few nasty lil side effects that my dr. did not warn me of… first of all taking alot of iron can cause you to become VERY constipated… i was getting a double dose of the iron because i was taking the pre-natal with extra iron AND i was taking an iron pill… the solution for constipation is to eat foods with alot more fiber… I started eating alot of salads and eating that Activia yougert and i didnt have any other problems with constipation… another side effect.. and this is a little TMI but it will turn your poop a VERY VERY VERY dark color.. like black… i can remember after i got over that first round of constipation i was finally able to go to the bathroom and when i went to wipe i looked in the toilet and my poop was black and looked just like tar!!!! i paniced and called my dr. and talked to his nurse and she kinda giggled and said ‘calm down honey that is completely normal… we didnt explain that to you?’ and i was like… um.. NO i havent seen yall again yet.. yall just called and told me to go pick up the iron pill and i havent saw yall since i started taking it! anyways, i hope someone finds this post helpful!



    actually no- just the same if not worse, which really sucks!



    Does anyone know if being anemic is why milk products are making me feel so ill? I try to eat a yogurt in the morning, but recently they have been turning my stomach and I have thrown out more than one cup. I found out yesterday that I have anemia & I am to start an iron supplement. I do not want to miss out on my daily calcium, but I can’t stand the food with it (exception being fortified OJ).



    UK girls – My iron levels were getting very low & my MW suggested SpaTone ( – available from Boots). I have 1 in the morning b4 work & 1 about 4pm for a wee boost. I have had none of the usual tummy probs associated with iron supplements. Highly recommended!!


    is it possible to be anemic so early on in pregnancy? im 5 weeks and im really thirsty all th time someone advised me its a sign of anemia. please leave messages on my page xxx



    Well i was anaemic about 2 months before gettn preggers and now 10 months after giving birth i am still anaemic, even though i have done the iron tablets and injections. AND KALLI – YES dairy foods will make you anaemic especially if you are having it with any iron rich foods, i should know thats the reason why i am so badly anaemic, i am a milk fiend haha. so the idea is to eat meats and all those iron rich foods with vitamin c like drink orange juice not a cuppa tea, or just wait 2 hrs before or after having anything high in calcium to have iron. the reason of calcium and iron not working is cause the lil calcium and iron cells will basically bond together and just pass through your system without being absorbed. whereas with vit C and iron the vit c will help absorb the iron better…..i really hope all that gas bagging helps lol.



    hello everyone , i just emailed my dotor because i think im anemia, i have to be. I have been sleeping 12-14 hours a day!! and when i finally wake up i want to go right back to sleep. I have been SOB and my heart is beating fast with any activity i do. I feel drained, like i have been hooked up to a machine and it took all the life out of me.



    I think im anemic. It started with having shortness of breath alot. and now a few times ive gotten so dizzy that my vision has gone black and ive near passed out! When i got my blood work done a month ago though the doctor did not say anything about my iron levels. how long does it take to get anemic? Could i have just been fine amonth ago and not now??



    most if not all women get anemic at the end of first beginning of second trimester I heard. This is my second pregnancy and I’ve always been taking Slow Fe slow iron release tablets, 1 a day, as my primal physician recommended. My OB said it’s also ok not to take anything, but prenatal vitamins, though he recommends eating lots of dark green vegetables.



    sweetie2320 wow those symptoms sound really severe. I would not drive if I were you until you find out what the cause is. I have had low iron levels all my life, so when Im pregnant and breastfeeding I take slow release iron. It helps a lot, especially because of the restless leg syndrome I get.
    At some point in pregnancy the blood volume increases, almost doubles and that is when more iron is needed. I think its possible to get iron deficient at that point. But only your doctor would be able to diagnose you properly. I think you should call him and let him know asap.



    Jamie- I am anemic too. I dont take prenatals because I eat everything I am supposed to. I just take the iron supplement and folic acid. Usually the amount of iron in the prenatal vitamins isn’t enough for someone who is anemic, so you should take the supplement as well.



    I noticed within a couple days, I wasn’t as tired as usual.

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