Anyone undergone prenatal massage therapy?

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    Hey!! I’m 36 weeks pregnant and I had been to a Spa two week. Even though it was affordable, it was not that great. The massage was a little too light for my taste. But I felt relieved from the pain for few days. Yesterday evening, I felt severe leg pain and I was not able to walk. When I looked my legs, it was swollen. I immediately called my hubby and he took me to my OB/GYN. The doctor said that this is common during pregnancy and there is nothing to worry. She said that the baby’s health is good and advised me to take proper rest and medications properly. One of my aunts suggested undergoing prenatal massage therapy from Toronto. She said that during pregnancy, everyone used to undergo this procedure to improve the blood flow and to decrease the edema and swelling of legs. Also, she added that it will help to have an easy delivery. Is that true? How was your experience with it? Does anyone know the difference between prenatal massage therapy and normal massage therapy?



    This can lessen pressure hormones in your body and unwind and relax your muscles. It can likewise expand blood stream, which is so significant when you’re pregnant and keep your lymphatic framework working at proficiency, flushing out toxins from your body.

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