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    Hello, I am 24 weeks with my 2nd and have been on bed rest since 20 weeks. I delivered twins at 24 due to an incompetent cervix almost 6 years ago. My daughter lived and is doing great. This time we did my cerclage at 12 weeks and things are looking good. My cervix was 3.02cm 2 weeks ago, I go again Tue. I am feeling good and when I hit that 24 week mark I was so darn nervous. Couldn’t sleep worth a darn. My biggest issue right now, is I get bored or lonely at times. I also try to not nap during the day, but still find it hard to sleep at night too. OH and the acid reflux is horrible!

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    okay ladies. I am 14 weeks and on bedrest (started at 11 weeks). My first child I was told I had an incompetent cervix and a stitch was put in at 20 weeks. She didn’t come until 37 weeks (4 1/2 MONTHS of bedrest) but it was pretty scary. I was on strict bedrest from 20 weeks on. They found that my cervix is septate and I will always have an incompetent cervix. After 5 years of trying I got pregnant again. They are putting the stitch in at 15 weeks but I have other complications. This makes it scarier for the cerclage. I have a velamentous placenta (looking for people who had this) with a single umbilical artery. So my membranes are exposed and vulunerable to rupture. I don’t what I am more nervous about at this point.

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    I am at 28 weeks, just put on bedrest for a week trial due to some separation of fetal membranes, shortening and funnelling of the interior cervix. At least my little man is doing well, but this is quite a scare. We went through a lot to get pregnant, and I am so terrified of losing him still.
    Pretty much supposed to be full rest, only to get up for eating and peeing. It is quite frustrating.


    well im on bedrest at 7 wks and 5 days for a month its been a wk and witha mth left im going nuts neer been so bored and irrittaed in my life.

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    Hi everyone! I’m 24 weeks and have just been placed on bed rest at home with limited activities. I’m a busy body so it will be a challenge for me to lay still so long. It was hard for me to leave my work as well. I’m healthy and baby is healthy too….he’s just super small. At least I know from this site I’m not alone.

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    I am 24 wks and on very strict bedrest…bathroom privliages only!!! I have the support of my husband his mom and my mother but I feel helpless. I feel like a complete bum. Its very hard for me to have these people doing the things I should be doing. I am on bed rest due to my cervix being incomp. its at a 2.6 right now. I was admitted to the hospital last week because it was lower than that but after a few days on bedrest it went back up. I am so nervous and scared…I went into labor with my daughter at 23 wks in 2007 and came home only with flowers. I dont want to do that this time. And I dont want my little guy to have to stay in the NICU. Is there any one who can give me advice on what to do as far as keeping myself busy? How do I feel better about not being able to do stuff around my house??? I am trying to stay positive because I know it will pay off if I do what the doctors say I am just depressed about it all right now.

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    akatherinen—-Bless you! I will pray for you and your baby! I am not far along in my pregnancy at all, but I feel for you! I bet it is super hard. Just hang in there! 🙂

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    Thank you for your prayers!!!

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    Thank you for your prayers!!!

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    Hey Akaterinen

    Wellcome to boring bedarrest:-). I can tell u some days it get better. I’ve been on br for 14 weeks now. I was never that type of person to stay home. So it is a challenge. I read alot of stories about yur condition. In know time you will be able to go off bed rest, as long as you try to lie down on your left side.

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    akatherinen, i too came home with only flowers once at 23 wks so I feel your pain. I have a 17 mo daughter now and with her I had to have an emergent cerclage at 18wks then bedrest for 10 weeks. She was born at 34 wks with no complications at all!! I know that it is hard, but just hang in there. The reward is great!! Try to keep a positive outlook and keep yourself busy. I took up crochetting to keep me occupied and made a blanket for my baby. Soon, you will have the precious baby in your arms!!!


    I’m 37 weeks and I have been on bedrest since 34 weeks due to preterm labor…. I am soooo tired of it… I was on bedrest for 2 months with my first child due to severe swelling in my feet and ankles.. Being on bedrest now really sucks because I have a 20 month old daughter and she constsnly wants me to play with her…. Thank god my hubby is z stay st home dad so he takes care of our daughter and does the house work… I just feel soooo helpless that I can’t do anything… I am praying I don’t have to be on bed rest too much longer…..

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    hi bedrest mommies…I was put on immediate bedrest yesterday for the duration of my pregnancy. on sunday I’ll be 29 weeks with twins. in the past 5 weeks my cervix has shortened from 4.1 to 2.5cm with some funnelling. I can only get up to peeand shower and have to stay lying down..cant sit up inbed..very hard to type on laptop. comforting to read your stories and know i am not alone. it also drives me nuts that i cant clean up and get ready for the babies…also that i cant play with my 14 month old or take him outdoors..makes me so sad….we have no family nearby to help us…we are tryig to hire a nanny right now to help us out…there is a super nanny website called if any of you needs it. prayers to you all to keep your little ones in as long as possible…hugs sunny

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    So bedrest is driving me crazy…I am just so bored I need something to do, I am only allowed up for a bit each day, and I don’t have a laptop so my internet time is slim..I have tried to read, but it makes me fall asleeep…but I am sooo tired of sleeping, any advice other then watching the LIfetime Movie Network or HGTV all day??

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    I totally agree. Bed rest sucks!!! i havent been on bedrest for 24hrs yet and right about now i would rather be in the hospital. my hubby is at work and its hard to get good help around here. its stressful!! Baby Story, Bringing Baby Home, 1 vs 100…thats what my day includes

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