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    Ruth – I hope that the progesterone works for you. It’s good that you are 29 weeks. You are closer to a full-term pregnancy. I wish I was as far along as you are. My mind would be more at rest.



    lilmiracle – you’ll get there, really. I know it seems so far away but it will come! Hang in there.


    Ruth – Thanks for the encouragement. With each week that passes, I am a little less anxious. I just wish time was passing faster. It’s amazing how fast time goes by through eveyrday life. Now, it almost seems like it’s at a stand still. I know I will get to the time when my baby will be born (safe). I am just so excited and anxious.



    two doctors have put me on complete bedrest and pelvic rest. i’m currently living with friends right now and they keep yelling at me to get up and walk. that i’m hurting the baby by not getting up. the doctor told me that the only excersize i should get is going to the bathroom and letting my dog outside to go to the bathroom. i’m getting sick of it. i’m afraid to open my mouth and tell them off but they’re letting us live here for pretty much nothing. i don’t know what to do but it’s really starting to piss me off.



    krystalnf – your friends are not doctors. You are not hurting the baby by lyiing down. If anything is increases the blood flow to the baby which is good. Tell them you are listening to your doctor and they know what is best. If you were put on complete bed rest there must be good reason for it.



    Looks like Im going to be joining you ladies pretty shortly. I just have to get my ultrasound but all signs point to yes!



    Bedrest is pretty hard, not only for the ones that have to go through it, but for their environment too. I had a toddler and relied on my mom to take care of her. It was hard especially in the beginning. Later people get used to the situation. I believe that bedrest works and so did my doctor. So stay strong and do what you have to do. Your baby and a good outcome depend on it.



    22 weeks and still on bedrest!i gained 15 pounds already!i hope its all the baby!LOL how are you girls doing?acid reflux is hitting on me again!good thing i have nexium!oh andmy boobs are just totally huge now!and full of milk sometimes it leaks!my baby moves alot too especially every after meals!he’s really strong that sometimes it hurts!LOL



    Hi babyetienne – congrats on your 2 week milestone. Gaining weight is not hard to do when you are laying around. Blame it on the baby and the boobs! Mine just started to swell up which they hadn’t at all since now. I started leaking too. It freaked me out at first. Thank goodness for your nexium, eh? The baby movements are pretty amazing and it makes me more and more anxious to meet this little one! Thanks for checking in. BTW – how’s your friend and baby doing?



    Just wondering if any of you have trouble sleeping. I’ve been on bedrest for about 10 weeks now and can’t fall asleep at night. I just can’t get comfortable or don’t feel tired. Too bad I couldn’t take a jog to tire out my body!



    Nicholasmom-I was on bedrest from 21-34 weeks and i had alot of trouble with sleeping. I wasnt comfortable and i just didnt feel tired. I would fall asleep around 2am and sleep til noon the next day. My schedule was all thrown off but it all gets better!



    Sleeping is the hardest part. My body aches (i’m 34 weeks) and i do not let myself nap during the day, but at night… I’m wide awake. My dr approved me to take tylenol pm every night since day 1, but now i find myself taking two tylenol pm around 11pm, falling asleep around 1am and then when i wake back up around 3am, I take one more and then i lay in bed sleeping off and on.



    I’m a new user and a franco canadienne but I will try not to do too much mistake when I’m writing. I’m in bedrest too because my cervic length has decrease too rapidly. I’m now at 27 weeks and my cervic at 1.4cm. I was really active and I don’t like to do nothing… so, it is really depress for me now. Stay in bed all the time, take quick shower and I worry a lot for my babies (twins). I know that I have to stay positive for them but it is really hard! What is hard to understand is that before my ob stop me, I was feeling great, in shape and happy… but now my body is shore, I’m sad…

    I’m sorry to write down that the first time but maybe I will feel better after and tomorrow will be a better day!



    Hi petite, welcome. I’m so sorry to hear you were put on bedrest. As I’m sure the other women on this forum would agree, hearing that news stops you dead in your tracks! It’s great that you’ve made it to 27 weeks. I have been on bedrest for close to 9 weeks. I am 29w 5d preg. I found the first few weeks the most difficult because I felt angry and scared…why was this happening to me? What I tell myself every day is that I can do this and it is only temporary. This forum has comforted me many times when I felt like giving up. Hang in there and keep in touch!



    I hear you guys on the difficulty with sleeping! I do not allow myself to nap during the day either. Some nights are better than others but I think now it is due to being uncomfortable. My hips are killing me. And of course once I wake up I have nothing to do but start to let my mind worry about things. Ahhh… tick tock, tick tock!

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