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    I was on bedrest from 21-34 weeks last year. I had attacks of my heart racing and i just felt very odd. I had a nervous feeling. Im assuming its normal…My body got so out of shape that i think that is why it happened. But 13 weeks of bedrest gave me my healthy now 7 month old baby girl….I went on bedrest almost 1 year ago…its a distant memory now!



    Anyone know of some good chat rooms for people on bed rest?



    I just wanted to say hi to all of you on bedrest! I know it cannot be easy, I am thinking of you all during this time!



    Hey ladies, I too was on bed rest from 27-36 weeks although by that time I was too uncomfortable to do much….I still tried though! My recommendations are to have a loose schedule…get up around the same time, know when your favorite tv shows are on…let me say I watched a LOT of Baby Story and Deliver Me!!! Find some good books…Water for Elephants, The Glass Castle, The Poisonwood Bible. Have someone move your computer close to your bed if you don’t have a laptop. My hubby put a mini fridge and microwave in our bedroom so I didn’t have to walk too far. This site was a life-saver! Kayandrysmom was on here the same time I was…and there were about 7-10 other women that talked daily…it was so nice and such a huge form of support..I am forever grateful! Hang in there ladies! My little guy is 7 months now and every day goes too fast! Its hard to imagine i know…but believe you will all be there soon…it just seems like forever. All my best wishes for you and your babies!



    I was put on bedrest after an event of contractions coming strong and hard about 1-2 minutes apart at 22 weeks and 5 days. I will be 25 weeks tomorrow. I was prepared for this, as I had preterm labor with both of my other two children, but still I feel so bad about not being able to work. My husband is wonderful, but I still feel so useless not bringing in any income. I have applied for unemployment benefits and claimed my weeks for the first time today via the internet, but I dont know if I qualify for this as I cannot job search. It just stinks that this happened so close to Christmas. My kids will not have all they wanted due to the one income this year and it makes me feel so bad. I know it’s for the best interest of my unborn baby boy, but that soesnt seem to console me much. Anyhow, I hope that there will be other moms here that can sympathize and maybe know something about the unemployment issue.

Viewing 5 posts - 226 through 230 (of 230 total)

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