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    How do you expect your labor, delivery and recovery to go?



    I am going to try to go all natural. I am realllly scared though. People say it was easy but others say.. ‘NO WAY.’ I will probably try to do natural and if it gets too bad then I will get an epidural. At what point do they cut you off and say you cant have one?



    I gave birth 2wice both times to premies,one labor lasted 45minutes. with no meds and it was hell!! the other one lsted 18 hours no meds and that was HELL HELL,I jus didn’t want to do meds cuz they were premie and already faced not breathing. Etc. Man this baby hopefully I get the cerclage or bedrest that can take me to 9 months and an easy birth,I deserve it.



    PregoNes – absolutely give your birth plan to your hospital. It’s also a good idea to bring one with you and give to the attending nurses when you get there, and keep one with your birth support partner so he/she can refer to it as needed…. that way, you know for sure that one is in your file, in your room, and with your attending dr.
    I did this with my first baby and it worked wonders. Everyone was on the same page even when I was unable to speak (literally) my mind.



    Hi all, after having a bad experience with pain med (morphine) during the birth of my son I have decided to go completely natural this time round. I know I can do it because the Morphine didn’t even help with the pain last time. It was given to me at 2cm dilation and from there I went to 10cm in an hour and a half. When my baby was born he wasn’t breathing and had to be rushed to the neonatal intensive care for 2 days. Hardly worth it. I just wanted to share my story for those of you who think you might want to use pethidine/morphine during labor, I know a lot of people have used it and had a good experience but I want people to know that sometimes It can really affect the baby in a bad way. If I can’t handle the pain this time round I might try an Epidural instead..



    Anybody try a hypno birth? Anyone try a doula ? What were your experiences?



    Hey preggos. Im going to go with a natural birth using the hypnobirth method. Im also going to highlight a very in depth birth plan. Im scared of trying to enforce that plan though. Im not very aggressive or assertive when it comes to talking to the health professionals… This is my first child and i want everything to go well. There are no birth centers near me so i have to go to a hospital. Any advice for me on hypnobirth and for being more assertive with my birth plan? Please help, im 20 years old and this is my first. Im really looking for some advice from experienced mommys here….



    I have personally decided to give birth naturally! I do not want an epidural unless i for some reason have to have one!! So many mothers that i have talked to that have done it naturally said their labor was much shorter! Plus there are side effect from having epidurals that i would like to steer clear of!! Its going to hurt like crazy im sure but i know in the end its all going to be worth it 🙂



    I am 26 nearly 27 weeks with my 1st baby, and I am FREAKING out!!! as much as I cant wait to meet my little guy, im just thinking ‘Oh my god… he has to come out!!’ the unknown is always super scary for me!



    Well, I had a c-section with my first, I have a bad heart, and can’t push the baby out, and I plan on having a c-section with this one aswell. I have a date, will go in that day and have this baby cut out… simple as pie!



    I am 28 weeks pregnant with my first baby and I am planning a Home water birth with a Midwife and Doula. I am very excited and I expect my labor to go calmly as I am hypnobirthing (hopefully) 🙂

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