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    Hi everyone. I hope someone can help me. Last week I was 3 months and my fiance and I decided to have intercourse and I started to bleed alot. I panicked and called 911. After getting checked the baby is going great with 146 beats per minute and is moving alot. They said intercourse was the cause of it. I’m really scared to have intercourse again. Should I be worried? Has anyone been through this? Hopefully some can get back to me…



    it is awful to hear of everyone’s bleeding, but strangely reassuring. i am now 13 weeks pregnant, had a full period at 4 weeks, then a sudden bleed at 9 weeks and 12 weeks. They seem to think it is related to low progesterone, as the bleeding stopped within an hour or two of giving me progesterone. I am now on the pills every 4 hours, even through the night, and pessaries as well. Apparently around 10% of women have bleeding through pregnancy, and many go on to healthy babies, but i am still pretty worried.



    Well we had our 13 week scan today and baby is perfect. I am still bleeding but no sign of it on the scan, it is rather strange to see bleeding coming out of me but no source inside. (mind you, thank god). We are thinking it is because my progesterone is a bit low because of my age (i am 46) so i am on supplements every 4 hours, but am still bleeding, just less heavily. Babie’s face is the dearest little thing you could see. Does anyone else here have bleeding from low progesterone?? this is my first baby and i am a bit thrown by the whole bleeding thing. Has anyone else had a baby survive pregnancy after bleeding through it?



    Hi all, with regards to bleeding in the first trimester, I had spotting and then light pink blood and on one occasion even a gush of blood (no cramping). This continued from 6 weeks till 10 weeks. I saw my gynae at 9 weeks and thought this is definitely game over and after he did a scan and check he assured me all was well. He said that it was the placenta ‘burrowing’ into the uterine wall and happens in 1-4 pregnancies, and that the bleeding would subside within 2-3 weeks which it did (huge relief). All is well and the baby is growing well.



    I have been bleeding off and on for a while now. I have been to the ER twice. Yesterday I had my first OB appointment and the baby is progressing. We heard the heartbeat and the rate was 130. I just don’t understand why when I wipe I sometimes see light pink blood. The Dr. calls it a threatened miscarriage and tells me to take it easy. But there is not much else that can be done as long as the baby is thriving. IDK I want to be happy but I am so afraid I will loose this one.



    If your cervix is closed, where can you bleed from? im 31 weeks and my dr doesnt seem as concerned as me.



    It’s so sad to see so many people going through the same thing I am. All i do is worry and run to the bath to check. On Jan 19 (10weeks pregnant) i started bleeding a fair amount of red blood and went straight to the hospital and where they found a heart beat of 170 and the baby was moving round. i have 2 more ultrasounds showing the baby is okay! A day after i saw the red blood it turn brown and was told it was old blood and nothing to worry about but there was ALOT and it took over a week to disappear. It was gonefor 2 days and then i had more brown spotting today:( I’ll be 12 weeks on tuesday and seeing my ob again on thursday im just praying everything is still okay but this is taking a toll on my nerves.



    Will someone please help! I am so close to bursting into tears. I have being going through almost every pregnancy symptom even my stomach is so big and firm even in maternity clothes my stomach is big where it looks like I shoved a whole watermelon there. Suddenly this morning I started bleeding. Does this mean I am not pregnant or does it mean I am miscarrying or something? What could be wrong with me? I don’t even know if I am pregnant but getting so big and firm where I am now even feeling pregnant. I didn’t want to get my hopes up when people kept syaing I was pregnant but now that I am feeling pregnant then suddenly starting to bleed I am close to crying my eyes out.


    Hello everyone, I am really scared at this point hoping someone can help. I started spotting brown yesterday which I have heard can be normal but my last pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage, so I went to see the dr, they did an u/s the baby way fine moving around had a heart beat of 175 well last night i started bleeding heavier and it tured to red it only lased about 15 min then it quit. The Dr was closed but when i woke up i was spotting brown again so I called my Dr. back and he said get plenty or rst and come in tomm well the bleeding started again its not as much this time but its red and has been there for about 20 minutes, the dr is closed again but he told me if this happened to watch to make sure I don’t pass anything as it could be another miscarriage, but this is different from what happened last time I miscarried anyone have ny advice?


    I too have had a small amount of brown discharge over the last few days, was worried so phoned my midwife who booked me in for an early scan tommorrow. I will be 10 weeks and 4 days. Since then I have spotted red blood and feel sick. I am very worried but will have to see what the scan shows. I would contact your doctor again tommorow. I have a friend who spotted freshblood for the entire first trimester and went on to have a healthy baby. Everyone is different though and I understand what your going through. I am sick with worry myself.



    I know how you all feel when it comes to that spotting, sometimes it’s good and sometimes it’s bad. My story was that I too is still having brownish spotting, I went to the docs yesterday and they found 2 gestational sacs, scary thing is on this site I was researching why is that I feel really sick to my stomach I have the symptoms of having twins and the gestational sacs are EXACTLY what my husband and I had seen but I won’t know for sure til next week if it makes progress, this brown spotting
    is scaring me and I’m left with ‘ is it a good thing or
    a bad thing?’ has anyone had brown spotting for days and still carried out a healthy pregnancy? I have been brown spotting since Friday 04/23.


    Since i left my last message I started to pass a few clots, I was extremely upset and had a bad feeling about it. Didn’t have much further bleeding following this. I had my scan and the baby had not grown past 6 weeks although I was past 10 weeks and still had some pregnancy symptoms. There was no heartbeat. I now have to let nature take its course and I am being rescanned in 2 weeks to check that the contents have been expelled. I have friends that have bled and have had healthy pregnancies but if you do bleed or pass brown discharge you should have a scan to double check. I am devastated but concieved during the first month of trying so I hope to try again soon and have been assured that I will have a scan at 7 weeks.


    Thanks Megan, I appreaciate your kind words and I will join the group in a month or so as I have found this website and the people who use it a great comfort and support. Helen xxx



    Hi all
    I am 8.5 weeks PG and had 1 episode of bleeding 2 days ago. Went for an early USS thsi morning- baby is fine, but they saw a small 7mm uterine separation. They said it had clotted over and not to worry but now i can not stop worrying. Has anyone else had or heard of this? Any advice? xx



    im currently 12weeks preg 2day. I woke up in blood at 8 weeks passed 2 large clots and was gushing blood. the paramedic said i miscarried when they saw all that the blood and clots but U/S said threatened miscarriage w hb of 160. Im still bleeding brown somrtimes pink blood to this day but the doctors keep reassuring me everything is fine. im scared becuase blood is never a good sign ūüôĀ

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