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    Girls is headach one of the symptoms of HBP?



    I found out on Jan 7, 2009 when I went for my check up that starting this monday and thursday I will have to have a Fetal Non-Stress Test (NST) twice a week for a while. The reason the doctor said is becaue of my high blood pressure. She said its nothing to it, but I am still a little worried about it. This is my first baby and I want him to be fine. She said it will keep track with his heart rate and movements and all I have to do is wear some kind of belt for an hour that records everything. She also told me my blood count is a little low as well. I wish all of you well.



    KristinaS2010, go see your high risk doctor. Congratulations!


    Hi ladies, My dr recently changed my BP meds and my pressure has been running higher than normal for me. 150 to 160 over 90 to 98. My dr says he is not worred until the bottom number hits 100. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what did your dr say. I have been on meds for 8 years or so and my pressure has never been this high. I thought about calling my high risk dr. Should I or should I just trust my regular OB/GYN?



    I would…my doctor gave me strict instructions to call her if the bottom number ever went over 95. Especially if its consistently over. She will probably just put you on Labetolol which is safe for pregnancy.



    NonhlanhlaM, it can be. It was when I was pregnant with my daughter (see my birth story for more details). Rest lots and when in doubt see your doctor.



    31 weeks and My blood pressure is bouncing up and down, at my last doctor appoinment the top number was in the 140’s range and bottom number was above the 90’s range, Now it has been bouncing since then, but my top number has been stayin under 140 sometimes but the lower number is staying near 98.. should i call my doctor?



    My dr changed my meds to ‘ateonol’ (sp)
    When I google it, it says its harmful to take when pregnant yet the dr put me on it and the pharmacist knows I’m pregnant and didnt say anything. Confuses me!



    Hi Everyone! I just found out yesterday that I am 11 weeks pregnant and had very high blood pressure. I have never had high blood pressure before but I miscarried in November and have been a nervous wreck since I took my HPT over a month ago. They have me doing a 24 hour urine sample and have to go back in a week to get my BP taken again. Has anyone else out there had anything similar and if so any advice for me. Now I am nervous about my BP. Wish I could just enjoy this pregnancy.


    07 babe..I would. Are you on meds now?


    So after a few people mentioned Ateonol was thought to be maybe unsafe I got concerned and read the pamphlet that comes with the meds and it said ‘can cause harm to the fetus’ I trust my ob and thought well maybe they gave me the wrong meds so I called my OB and she assured me it’s safe. She said that the only thing it can do is cause the baby to be 1/2 a pound smaller then it would normally be but she would make sure to monitor the growth and change meds if needed but to make sure I take it. I also talked to the UW clinic I’m going to in 2 weeks and they said what I’m on is perfect right now..Dawn… hope this helps



    i am due 7/19 at todays visit (friday 7/16) sent me into hopital because of high blood pressure. What could this mean?????



    I have chronic hypertension (dx ealier this year). I was on ridaq, but since I found out I’m PG (I’m 7 weeks now), my caregiver gave me a prescrip for Aldonet. Any one of you ladies on this? I googled and saw that it’s safe.



    my best suggestion is to get a machine for at home. i was always so nervous after one high reading that I worked myself up so badly and they were always high. My machine at home is preventing me from being on meds this time around because my doctor trusts my low readings at home and has discovered i have white coat syndrome (anxiety resulting in high readings). My first pregnancy i was put on labetolol my second i delivered before i was put on meds. Hope things work out for you, sucks to have to worry about stupid crap like this when your trying to enjoy a pregnancy. But if the ob prescribes you a med its very likely safe, i wouldnt worry about that. Good luck. Hope your urine comes back clear, mine never did show protein. I just had pregnancy induced hyptertension.


    Dawn…I’m on Ateonol too. My ob prescribed it so I’m assuming it’s safe..?

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