Botox during pregnancy

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    Hi all, can any of you suggest me the effect of taking Botox during pregnancy? I have the problem of excessive sweating and used to take Botox. I am pregnant now and confused whether this will create any problems with my pregnancy. Have any of you tried botox during pregnancy? Or can any of you suggest some alternatives? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you.



    From a young age we are taught, without even realizing it, to prize beauty. As a result, in today’s modern world everyone feels pressure to meet society’s beauty standards. To do this many go to extremes – cosmetic surgery. It is unethical and poses many risks. While doing all this, you should not forget that these surgical procedures can prove to be fatal and has a lot of risks involved in it. The possibility of looking or feeling better should not make people blind to their health which they are exposing to threat. In more severe cases, plastic surgery can cause many health problems which may be life-threatening. Taking decision in favor of plastic surgery is like putting yourself under testing. There is no guarantee of the results in the surgical treatments. Is it our right to take a knife and chop up our faces? To add bits and remove pieces to our bodies just to suit our own liking? Just so we can feel better about ourselves? Especially, if you are pregnant, lady. I do not find it smart at all. You have to take care of your baby and body and health. Not making the threats to all of them instead.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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