Braxton hicks contractions

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    OMG! I had my first episode of Braxton Hicks last night as I walking through the grocery store! I’ve been asking people what it feels like, now I know! Man, that was so uncomfortable! It felt like really bad gas and I had to stop walking. It was crampy and tightening all at the same time. If that’s just practice contractions, the real thing is REALLY gonna hurt!



    I started having BH last Friday and went to the doctor the following Tuesday. I was complaining of pressure and stomach tightness. My doctor checked me and said that I was 4 cm dialated; but i’m still pretty thick.


    With my last pregnancy I never felt these, but I could swear last night there were two times that I felt the tightening in my uterus, it was really really tight. Is it too early for me at 16 weeks to feel these? It is my third pregnancy/second child.



    ok ive been havin braxton hicks all week… im only 6 weeks? can someone please tell me theyve had them durin the 6 week term please i dont wanna feel alone



    When you get BH contractions…do they put pressure on your bladder? Whether I have just pee’d or not, when I get them I feel like I have to pee at that moment. I also feel like a blood rush to my head, or a bit warm. Is that normal for BH? I dont remember having any really with our daughter. How do I know if it is just baby balling up, or BH ???? Help…. also Im 32 weeks…



    I’ve been having a lot of Braxton Hicks lately and they always make me feel like I have to pee.


    I really wish I would have read this page a few days earlier. I have been having BH for days now. Some are rather strong and they get down to 5 minutes steady. At 28 weeks it’s very upsetting to get it set in my mind that these are just false and not to worry. I get so nervous that I should be headed to the hopital so that they can stop labor if it really happens. I’m drinking my water, putting my feet up and now it comes and goes but always moves closer together once they come on. I don’t want to have these pains for the next 2 1/2 months!!!!



    I’m 19 weeks today with baby 2 and I been haven bh for awhile now they dont hurt or anything , and there all over the place



    I just wanted to add that I am 8 weeks (yesterday) and I felt them this morning. I could actually put my hand on my stomach and feel the ball of my uterus and then it would flatten and go away. I had maybe 3 contractions this am. I was a little concerned until I got on this site and read they can start as early as 6 weeks. With my first pregnancy I had TONS of contractions and was actually hospitalized 3 times to stop my contractions. My doctor called me the ‘contractor’. With my daughter- who was breech- I had zero contractions.



    Hi Im 38 going on 39 weeks and have yet to feel a single BH or anything, shes going to stay in there forever isnt she? >.<



    I get them every few days and its really uncomfortable….like a football under my skin, it hurts my ribs. Im 22 weeks gone with my 3rd baby



    i get bh contractions everyday



    I got 4 days to go. and havent had any BH?
    Do you have to get them ? I did with my first…
    But doesnt seem i am going to get any this time around


    I’m on my 3rd baby. I never got BH with either baby but this little guy has given them to me since week 18. I’m not sure why we have them with some babies and not others. I’m at week 35 now and still no sign of labor so don’t worrry if you don’t have them or if you are having lots. They are both normal. Just remember if you are having lots. Drink 3 large glasses of water, lay on your left side and try to relax. If they go away they were just BH. If your water breaks or bloody show then it’s real. Good luck to all!!!



    OMG-Latley I have been able to time my BH…They are still high though and don’t not have any pain..but some times they are exactley 11 minutes a parts and knock the wind right out of me…this is baby Number two for me I remember how real contractions feel so I am not concernd but geez I am wondering if I should still be working? I did talk to doc he didn’t think I was dehydrated which can bring them on..and I am not yet dialating. Any one else have this? (34 weeks)

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