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    k, well no one answered my question…lol…so I am going to ask it again….lol
    I am quite lop-sided, and the smaller one doesn’t seem to get as full feeling as the bigger one. I had surgery here 4-5 years ago on the small one to remove a non-cancerous tumour. Can anyone relate? Will it work and produce liek the big one after the baby is born?



    k. My bb have been feeling bigger and when they are pressed lightly, they hurt. This week i just noticed the veins in my areolas leading to the nipple are more pronounced, especialy after i get out of the shower, and i can see more veins in my chest. I had af april 30, but it was lighter, and i had spotting a few days before i started af. i’m on the pill, but i suck at taking it, and i’ve done a few hpt, and i got bfn…. idk what to think. any advice or help would be nice ladies!
    thank you



    This may be tmi but has anyones skin on the nipple peal? I haven’t leaked yet but is this normal?



    Please help me. I am strictly pumping (for babies milk) and have been for 3 weeks. I pump about 4-6 times per day. Yesterday when I got finished pumping I started to have a HORRIBLE shooting, stabbing pain in my left breast that didnt go away for about an hour and a hlaf afterwards. (IT WAS AWFUL!!!). The rest of the day, after pumping, it didnt come back but this morning, it came again. I also have a tiny white spot on the nipple tip now, it looks like a little dried milk that I could squeezeout, but I cant. The baby has no white in his mouth and the only symptom of thrush that he has is very bad gas. Does anyone else on here have the same problem? Any advise?


    i have a sort of like embarrassing question but here it goes
    i think i might have the flat nipple thing described on this page.. i mean when im cold or if my nipple is touched then it goes into the normal. but if im neither cold or stimulated my nipples are pretty flat, not like completely flat but kind of. i thought this was normal. but is it not? is anyone else like this too?



    Dezzi…you can’t say for sure. Mine are fairly even and one side when i pump my milk produces almost twice the amount of the other. One one side I will get 3 oz and the other 6 oz or 2 oz and 4oz just depending on the pumping session.



    Does anyones nipples itch? Or is this just me?



    Joscelyn – my nipples itch like mad!!!! I was near driven insane the other night after swimming. My theory on it is that they are dry. I notice that lotion helps, but only for a short time… body oil is the only thing that has helped the itching for me, so far.
    I apply a body oil when I’m still wet from shower, then dry off gently with a towel. My skin stays soft and and itch-free all day. 🙂
    Ahhhh, finally!


    I am 35w5d and I have bright red blood in my colostrom. It is only my R boob and it has been leaking clear colostrom since about 12weeks preg… Has this happened to anyone else???



    Hi. I am in week 10. This week I have noticed that I am incredibly quick to irritated and super sensitive emotionally. I thought today how I missed my calm self. Then yesterday my breasts started hurting. Both entire breast hurt so much. I’ve been so tired from week 6, but when will my stomach begin to show? I hear of others already showing, but not me.



    is there anything I can do after pregnancy to re ‘lift’ my flattened breasts? pregnancy and breast feeding did a number on them and I want them back to their old selves.



    JaniceH, i really wouldnt worry about not showing yet. Not for nothing but the baby is still small and many of these woman although they may feel like they are showing are just gaining weight. I have heard some people say they are showing a 6 weeks. 6 weeks? come on. I had an indepth talk with my midwife about this topic because i am 15 weeks and am not showing nearly as much as these other women are claiming and she said that its just weight gain. I do feel my uterus now but i dont have a big round belly as of yet. Generally around 4-5 months you start really showing when the baby accumulates weight and grows. Yes everyone is different but you will not have a belly at 12 weeks unless you let yourself go bc you had gotten pregnant or of course if you are having twins. This is a very excited time, congrats!



    My period is almost 2 weeks late, but I’m too big of a wienie to test. My periods have been pretty regular for the past 6 months, even though I am breastfeeding a now 15-month old. I know that cycles can be weird while breastfeeding, but I’m pretty sure I ovulated around the 14th of December. I don’t really have too many pregnancy symptoms–just sore nipples (not boobs), bloated and some mood swings. Should I test or does it just sound like breastfeeding took control of this month?



    Spetty8093- I have been nursing my daughter for 16 months and even though my cycles were a little nutty, i got pregnant and am now 15 weeks along and am currently trying to wean my daughter now (NIGHTMARE) needless to say its always safe to test. Good luck!



    dustins mommy- get the Lansinoh Lanolin!! that stuff is the best. all you do it put a tiny bit on your finger, rub it between your finger to soften it and then put it on your nipples. that stuff.. seriously it rocks! its about $10 a tube and you can get it basically anywhere! you can use it riight before the shower, right before b/feeding or pumping. its ALL natural so it is safe for baby if still on breastmilk.

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