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    hi everyone
    hope all is good
    my son is 5 months and 3 weeks now i only do breast feed once at night time as im working during the day
    my breasts look every empty and saggy i never had them like this
    is there a way i can get my breast shaped as before back, they look like if iam in my 80s
    so please help me



    I started leaking at twenty weeks..with both this one and my first…more at night..with my first sone I had to pump before I feed him or I would drown him..I am thinking of donating this time if I have to do it agian…any one else done this? I swear I can feed an…



    Sweet1- it is normal to leak yellowish colostrum (premilk).



    PLEASE I NEED ADVICE! has anyone had a breast reduction BEFORE they got pregnant? did you have any problems with nursing after? i really want one and NEED one but am so scared that i wont be able to breastfeed….HAS ANYONE GONE THROUGH THIS? PLEASE i really need some advice from ‘MOMS’ because everyone that is giving me their opinion doesnt have kids and doesnt realize how important breastfeeding is….please comment on my page. thanks



    Okay ladies I stopped breast feeding my son who’s almost 11 mos old n I haven’t been on in awhile but I’m seriously freaking out here n I thought of u guys first. I have noticed a little pain in my left breast and just realized there is a lump in my breast. I am scared to death right now I called my mom n she said some women get cysts in their breasts after breast feeding. Has anyone dealt with this before or know someone who has!??? If so please please share with me what you know! All advice is greatly appreciated!



    OK. So I have a question from my husband who is definately a boob man and not liking not being able to touch right now… Do your breasts remain sore throughout the entire pregnancy or does the pain subside? I’m almost 12 weeks and absolutely amazed at how full, heavy and sore my breasts are and this has been going on for a few weeks now.



    anoneill – My experience is that it doesn’t last the entire pregnancy. My breasts were also very sore in that first trimester… but it did disappear for a reasonable amount of time (several months) before returning only periodically until the baby was born. So let your husband know that he’s probably going to be allowed back on ‘home territory’ before too long! (His major concern should, however, be after the birth… You’re probably not gonna want to let him near them for some time!) Good luck with it!



    Im in my 23 weeks now…and let me tell ya….im much more comfortable now. I get slight pain when taking off a bra…but thats it. MY FIRST TRIMESTER WAS BRUTAL….so to all those woman who are there now…IM SOOO SORRY your going through that but just think, you are being blessed with magical boobie dust, and its completely NORMAL….BUT I HAVE A QUESTION TOO…..



    oops, i push send before writing my question….
    ok …i was wondering if they will still continue to become bigger/fuller throughout the rest of my pregnancy….or if its stopped now i have no pain?????



    a quick question?? if you are not breastfeeding , is it better to take tablets to dry your breasts up or is it better to leave them to dry naturally???



    I have a question. I am 10 weeks pregnant and I don’t really feel much pain. Is this normal or does every woman differ? They are tender sometimes but not painful… Should I worry?



    Hopefully I can get some advice here ….I went to the breastfeeding page and the big topic was car seats…My question was past by very fast that im not sure anyone even saw it.LOL So here it is….I breastfeed my baby she is almost 11 months old, and I have this painfull what seems to be a blister ,but not the kind pops its more like a bump that is white and it hurts to breastfeed on that side, and I have had it for a few weeks now…Hummm hopefully someone understood that…..Can anyone tell me what it might be and what to do about it? Thanks 🙂



    can anybody please tell me if the size of breast become normal after the pregnancy? I m worried! my breasts have become so large that they look ugly! Earlier they used look attractive. please help!



    i like my small breasts and i hope they stay small but still produce enough milk!!!



    im 12 weeks pregnant and i feel i dont have sore breats anymore.. should i be alarmed?.. my last scan was 10 wks and 2 days – all was perfect baby hearting beating etc.. but just worried since my boobs are not as sore..

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