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    im 22 weeks and oh my gosh i feel like my boobs are still just growing. mine were sore up until like 18 weeks. but with m y first pregnancy i dont think they were as sore for as long as this one



    should i be worried if my breasts havent grown during pregnancy maybe just a tad but not enough to say they have grown, this is my second but firs ttime this happens!! any answers???



    My breasts didn’t really get any bigger with my second preg. until closer to due date. Unless your doc is worried, then you don’t need to be. 🙂



    this is my first pregnancy and my bb havent changed at all. Actually my husband thinks they looks small now! My tummy sure has grown though =) Im 33 weeks



    17 weeks pregnant and just had to buy a bigger bra today cuz my bb’s were faling out of a 38c…now im wearing a 36d…hubby and I are def. not complaining…lol!!



    by BBs hurt so much! i’m only 5 weeks



    My nipples are starting to crack already and i’m only 24 weeks along. This is my first pregnancy…is this normal?



    trishdish – It’s probably just dryness. Go out and get some lanolin. It is a breastfeeding mom’s best friend. It’s great for cracked and dry nipples.



    i am so praying my boobs turn back to normal after this, i loved them then and now my areolas are just so dark and my nipples stand out/ really stick out and idk just sad over it all, guess just deep down inside i know they wont be guess thats why it stays on my mind a lot



    Brandyfaith – Do not feel bad!!! I feel the same exact way that you do!!! I used to love my boobs and now imso bummed about them!! i feel like my nipples are the size of saucers!!!



    Don’t worry ladies-they will go back to more normal a while after baby is born. One day you’ll look in the mirror and realize that your nipples look like they used to. They may not ever get back to the ‘perfection’ that you once loved, but that’s the price of mommyhood 🙂


    Anyone else having a burning sensation in their nipples? It’s soo annoying and painful and how do you find relief or do you just deal with it? I’m in my 1st trimester. Thxs in advance.


    try wearing a supportive tank top at night I too am in my first trimester and have found that it helps alot at night.



    I just have a basic question i was wondering.. what the fluid looks like that leaks out of the breasts and if its ok for it to start at 6 months?



    Im currently 34 weeks and have seen little changes in my BBs. They have not grown or gotten any firmer. The areolas do seem a little darker and the mont. glands seem more pronounced. I have no soreness except for some slight sensitivity in the nipple. HOWEVER – Every now and then, maybe a few times a month, I get a HORRIBLE pain in my nipples like someone is twisting them off! I cant find a way to soothe the pain except trying to forget about it and wait it out. It usually takes about 10-15 mins to stop and they are very sensitive afterwards. Its the nipple only, and the pain almost brings me to tears. What in the heck is causing this and are my BBs broken since Im this far along and have had no other changes?

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 97 total)

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