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    Wow reading through these message I think perhaps I’ve been spared the worst…til I breastfeed I guess. I seriously was a 42D before I became pregnant and almost 5 months later am a 44D…that’s it. Sometimes they tingle a bit at the nipples, but I’ve yet to experience any soreness as described by so many of you. My only real concern is that they don’t get any larger as my back hurts and honestly they annoy me a bit as it is.


    I noticed a small lump in my breast near my areola. i have a dr appt next week and i will be asking about it. has anyone had anything like that before?



    Okay so I noticed that areola on my breasts are getting darker, but I also notices that my breasts are getting darker, like blotches of darker skin. It almost seems as if they were dirty. I know weird. Has this happened to anyone else. I don’t know if they are stretch marks, they don’t really look like stretch marks. I know its weird but I am so nervous about them being stretch marks. My husband says they aren’t, maybe he is just trying to be nice.



    Ambar, my areola’s are almost all brown (dark brown). This is normal, I had it with my first pregnancy and this time almost my whole boob is brown, not very pretty is it? I can’t stand it! LOL! It will go away one day, I can’t remember how long it took, but it did go away. I have olive complection (sp?) and maybe that is why. I hate it! Plus my boos are soooooo Big!!! I am out of my G cup and now in a I cup, normally I wear a 34DD, so I am huge, not sure if I want to breast feed with these monsters!!! LOL! Good luck! OH!!! Keep them baby’s lubed up, maybe you won’t get stretch marks:)



    Hi , I have a 3 year old son and iam now pregnant with my second. My son was preterm bornanad i wasnot able to breast feed him . now iam concerned about the second baby . will ther b a problem in me feeding and also my nipples are flat what should i do.. iam now only 7 weeks pregnant..



    The top/middle of my nipple or I guess the nipple opening is seeming to get dry and white. Not white flaky stuff that you can wash off, but like the sking part. I can actually pull it off if I want (I have done it before), but I am scared to. It does not hurt at all for me to do it, but I can feel it. Has anyone else experienced this? Is this normal/ What should I do?



    i always pick it right after i shower, it is normal and i dont think you should worry. i actually have a little milk.



    O.K. I have a problem! This is kind of gross but ,I ‘m giong to ask anyways. My breast are huge this pregnancy and for about the last month I have this really bad oder coming from them and I can’t stand the smell, I don’t know what to do about it. I bathe all the time but about 30 min after a shower or bath it’s back, I never had this the 1st time. Does anyone else have this problem?



    im 28 weeks on wednesday and oh my god the pain in my left breast for the lat couple of days ahs been ammense. i cant sleep on that side i cant wash it properly in the bath, my nipple is agony and i cant get a bra on properly. you dont need to know this but just thought id mention incase anyone is having the same trouble!!!!! xxx



    Im on number 6 and have never had achy bb’s they are killing me lol im 14+5 and it started about a week ago, hopefully they will be growing as I am small anyway only 34b, compared with my first pregnancy when i was only a 34a they have grown a little bit. It would be nice to know the pain is growing pain so it will be worth it lol.


    So I dont know if this is the page I should post on but I cant find one closer to what I have going on so here goes… Im having issues with a swollen lymph node in my right armpit area during ”that time of the month”.. I went to the doc and she told me its no worries and something Im just gonna have to deal with basically but I have an ultrasound tomorrow to ease my mind a bit more.. Has anyone else experienced this or something similar?.. Id LOVE to hear from you!!! =)


    OH MY lord my boobs have been itching like crazy and it is embarressing when i am at work? any one else had this problem?



    I have breast questions, TMI I know, but I am peirced, both sides, I think they are beautiful but i will not get it done again, I do plan to brestfeed when should i actually take them out or can i keep them in the whole pregnancy and take them out just to breastfeed?


    ok ladies I need help my son is 5 days old I was going to bottle feed and then changed my mind, yesterday I was able to get my son to lach on and feed but as the day progressed I noticed that he was really gassy, does anyone have any advice for me things have changed so much since I nursed 7 years ago. Im not sure if its because I’m not producing enuf I have read that you can supplement with formula also, my son dosent seem to have a problem switching from Brest to nipple, please post to my page thank you



    My breasts are so sore! I dont remember them being this sore with my first child. Is there anything I can put on them to soothe them? I am only 9 weeks tomorrow and I dont know if I will make it!

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