Can massage therapy relieve stress?

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    Hi, my sister is 3-months pregnant now. She is having severe cramps and morning sickness. She is also having severe vomiting.
    Most of the time, she is seen either disturbed or stressed out. She had some issues in her hubby’s house. Even though most of those problems are solved now, she still over thinks about the matter and is creating unwanted stress.
    I advised her that stress would badly affect the health of the baby.
    Can’t blame her, from childhood days itself she is like that. She just over thinks about the problem and makes it a big one.
    Seeing her condition, it was one of our family friends who advised us to take her to a massage therapist in Mississauga in order to relieve the stress. I didn’t know earlier that such treatments could be taken by pregnant women. Can a 3-month pregnant woman undergo the treatment? Is there any problem? Has anyone here done this during the pregnancy period? Any wisdom in this matter would be a great help.



    Hi my dear friend, I am sorry to hear about your problem and I hope you will find a good solution for this problem of your sister. Pregnancy is one of the most amazing as well as stressful moments for any women’s life. It is very bad thing to have such stress on mind during pregnancy. Your sister should find a good solution for mental stress because it can be harmful to health of baby. When it comes to finding a good solution to mental stress, there are many services available to get help. There are many experts who can provide help to get rid of mental stress. If you want to get some natural advice, meditation can be really helpful for your sister at this stage. I also faced such mental stress during my pregnancy and I got Good help with meditation and yoga. She can also get help by joining any mother club or her friends can also help to spend time happily. When it comes to getting help with massage therapy, it is very good option that she can choose to get rid of stress. 3-month pregnant lady can also get help with head massage therapy for and it is very important to find any good and reliable massage centre where she can get help with professionals. Before getting this therapy, it is also important to consult with health expert who can provide good advice about her physical and mental condition. If she wants to live stress free and active during pregnancy, it is also important to stay positive and hopeful for a good time. You should talk to her and should help her in this hard time of her life.



    Hello! I am sorry to hear about the condition of your sister.I know sometime pregnancy leads to the stress. Your sister need to be more careful and think only about good things.I suggest your sister to do meditation because it will make the mind peace and help to overcome stress.And yes massage can be also one of the solution.






    Back rub treatment is any treatment where a specialist controls the body’s muscles and delicate tissues to soothe torment or lessening pressure.



    Stress back rub is a mix of a helpful back rub of the back and loosen up back rub. Notwithstanding soothing pressure, hostile to stress back rub is utilized to set up equalization, yet additionally to evacuate strain and painful conditions.

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