Carpal tunnel syndrome

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    I had dreadful carpal tunnel with my last pregnancy – it kept me awake at nights for months. I had to use wrist braces to try and alleviate the pain. This time around I am on calcium/magnesium supplements (for another issue) and haven’t had any carpal tunnel at all – don’t know if this is the reason – but it is worth considering…..



    During the last month of (my 3rd) pregnancy, I started experiencing pins and needles in my hands. It would wake me up at night to where I would shake my hands to try and get feeling back into them. It steadily got worse. The tips of my fingers went numb. When I delivered my son a few weeks ago, my whole right hand went numb except for the pinky finger. I also had shooting pains in both wrists and they seemed to crack in the joints a lot. I had severe edema near the end of the pregnancy and the doctor said that the extra weight could be pinching the nerves in my wrists hence carpal tunnel. I have lost almost 40lbs over the last few weeks and the numbness is almost gone. My wrists still are very sore, especially when waking in the night. Makes it hard to hold my newborn 🙁 But my doctor assured me this condition was brought on by pregnancy and should subside over the next 6 months. I can already tell that the relief is on its way!!
    This is a terrible condition to have during pregnancy, nevermind the physical challenges of being pregnant alone!
    If anyone would like to chat about carpal tunnel during pregnancy…I’m around:-)



    I’ve had the WORST carpal tunnel!!! From week 20-35 I’ve woken up crying in pain like my fingers (btwn middle and ring) were being sawed off with a hacksaw!! The numbness…phhhhhst that’s nothing compared to the throbbing incessant pain. The things that have worked for me include drinking a MINIMUM of 3 litres of water a day, sleeping in a recliner and wearing wrist braces (incl. during the day) I’m happy to say that since wk 35 things have gotten a bit better (that’s when i started with the water religiously) They are only constantly NUMB and feel ‘blistered’ at times, but the throbbing horrifying pain is gone. All this and I am a Reg.d Massage Therapist….my job has not been made easy by this….not worse…but NOT EASY



    I got carpal tunnel while I was pregnant and it lasted until about 4 months post-partum!! I was so worried that it would never go away. I still get it a teeny bit every now and then but it used to be MUCH worse while I was pregnant and until my LO was 4 months or so…



    I had carpal tunnel syndrome when i was pregnant with my little boy, it used to drive me mad in the late evening after a days work and early in the morning, i used to have to uncurl my fingers in the morning, they used to click and feel tight for a few hours after i’d woken up, feel ok-ish during the rest of the day and get stiff and painful again during the evening….and dont talk to me about opening bottles,jars etc, used to drive me mad!
    I also had a severe UTI when i was pregnant, extremely painful, had unreal heartburn, pubic bone symphisis…which was agony in bed, and towards the end i got Oedema and the early stages of pre-eclampsia which i spent a few nights in hospital over…i suppose the only thing i got away with was morning sickness !!!!



    I have severe carpal tunnel in both of my hands. It started about a month ago. I am 33 weeks pregnant and I have had 2 rounds of cortisone injections to relieve the symptoms and they have not helped at all. My doctor thinks I should do the release surgery next week. Anyone had that done? And did it help?



    im 24 weeks..i didn’t know if was okay to get the cortisone shots while preggo…i have had them for years and it did work for a period of time..he suggested surgery too..i too was wondering if it was okay?


    Stupid hands don’t work properly! I’m so hoping this will go away after the baby comes!



    this is just horrible. half of my left hand is numb, i have dropped about 5 glasses since wk 20. i have a 9mth old and sometimes feel i cant hold him safely. i had this with him last yr but not this bad.



    Omg surgery?? It’s most often temporary!! I had horrifying carpal tunnel that started at wk 20 with my last…and became almost intolerable btwn 25 & 38 wks!! I worked thru my entire pregnancy as a massage therapist too….the first client of the day would almost make me cry in pain….I wore splints as much as possible…and made it thru til 1am EVERY night when burning laser beams would shoot from btwn my fingers (both hands) til AM. My comforting methods incl: sleeping semi-upright in a recliner, dandelion tea, drinking tons of fluids….and the biggest help was a TENS machine. Attached to both forearms and hands it allowed me to fall asleep….wake after an hour or 2….then turn it back on (it was on timer). It was not a cure…..but helped a LOT!! (TENS= Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve stimulation)



    i have not been officially diagnosed but its the only thing that fit my symptoms severe hand pain makes me cry shoulder pain numb tingling hands this is my fourth pregnancy i never expierence this before hoping it dnt take til birth considering im 23 weeks and cnt even turn on my faucet



    i have this in my left hand and its awful, at first i was really worried, i didnt know what it was. But now i do, i feel sorry for anyone else who has this too. its not nice, and on top of everything else we go through.



    I developed this about 3 weeks ago and it is horrible. Numbness when I move my hands and nerve pain all day and worse at night. I cannot wait for swelling to go down so this goes away. Quite annoying and I feel like a 90 year old.



    What can I do to relieve the discomforts of carpal tunnel during pregnancy?

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