Chinese gender chart

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    wrong for me…with both pregnancies.



    LOL… it’s crazy isn’t it?!?! I personally think I am having a boy bc of my prior pregnancies and ms… I really don’t mind boy or girl… Previously all I ever said was I want a boy! bc my niece is a handful! LOL but then again I wld like a girl so my niece and the baby cld grow up close like my sister and I did. I can’t wait to find out!!!



    used the chart for my daughter and 5 other ladies at the office; it was correct every time. if so…i really need to get busy in march, lol



    This was right…I was 18 and conceived in November and had a boy…I am 27 and I conceived this baby in Feb…I HOPE this is right and I’m having my girl!!! 🙂



    mine says i was meant to have a girl – bday in october and i am currently 24 which means i have to look at the 25 age range? conceived end of jan due october 20th…says girl but i found out yesterday im getting my little prince 😀



    Well just to let you all know, this chart says I am having a boy and I am:)



    NZ08Rose85 – your prediction is right if your having a boy cause you go off your age at conception so 24 in Jan is a boy. My prediction was right, it said i was having a boy and i have a beautiful 5 month baby boy, Love him!!



    oops my bad, just read the rest of the how you predict it cause this is saying to add a year but other web sites i’ve looked at with the chinese gender chart it doesn’t say to add a year, which if i do that then mine is wrong too………..



    Chart was wrong for my first child says i should have had a girl but i had a boy, says i should have a girl this time…im not going to find out so got to wait until nov/dec to find out x



    this was wrong for everyone of mine…am pregnant with 4th boy but according to this – i shld have 4 girls…lol



    This thing said boy for me, but my princess is 8 days old now, which is what I felt I was having as well as what all my ultrasounds told me.



    I conceived in May either on or the day before my 24th birthday – and I’m supposed to add a year to find my lunar year. Lol – this is too complicated for me. I’m either 24 (m) or 25 (f) according to this thing. I guess I’ll wait to meet my little one and see!



    Almost all the Chinese calendars on the Internet are saying I’m having a Boy.. We will see if they are right..


    Wrong For Me!


    It is right!!!!!!!!!

    Maybe will use this with second pregnancy one day to ensure we have one of each

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