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    I had a huge and chronic problem with constipation due to pregnancy and also because I quit smoking. If I do get a little backed up my doctor gave me some lactulose but normally if I drink alot of water it cures it. Raw veggies and fruit help as well. I don’t eat junk foods anymore and also smaller more frequent meals help alot.



    I found my relief to constipation – KIWI fruit – omg that tiny fruit is so full of Vit C, and it clears your tummy out the next day!!! I was really having HORRIBLE constipation since a week before I knew I was pregnant until now *am 6wks as of today*, and I stumbled upon Kiwi and its magical powers..LOL…and it really works, try it for yourself!!!! If you find it too sour, just add 1/2 scoop of vanilla icecream and have fun!!!!!



    OH MY GOD – i hate being constipated. lactulose, movicol, suppositories you name it i have tried it as well as fluid increase, exercise diet changes – i just cant go! and when i do i go back to square one. i am seeing my consultant on thursday so i will ask his advice on what to do!



    Try milk sugar, you can take it once a day when you eat or up to three times a day with meals. one dessert spoon in a drink such as herbal tea or juice. but you must drink minimal, 2 litres of liquids with it everyday. Take it everyday of pregnancy. also with one glass of buttermilk a day. Bread, white rice, flour products, chocolate and tomuch dairy will make you more constipated , so avoid or cut it out of your diet. Recommendation from my Swiss Dr. worth a try!!



    I joined the consipation group today. I didn’t have it with my daughter but looks like I am going to have it with this one. I bought some prunes and prune juice today so hoping the will help me out.



    I have been feeling really down because of my severe constipation. I’m 36 weeks pregnant and have been having this issue since day one; however, it has gotten so bad that I haven’t had a bowel movement in 14 days now. I’m not sure if posting this message would do me any good but I feel that I can’t get an understanding from anyone, aside from my spouse. I saw my OB yesterday and her comment was, ‘Hmm, people are usually constipated during pregnancy but it shouldn’t be that bad.’ She then advised me to increase the Lactulose to twice a day. I don’t mean to be skeptical but I doubt that it would work. I have been doubling the doses for 2 days now and it hasn’t worked. I don’t think she really believes that I could have been this constipated. I have tried everything including a strict liquid/soft diet to fiber to OTC meds to now the Lactulose. I do not take the prenatal vitamins because of the issue. The Fleet glycerin liquid worked wonder during the first two trimesters but it doesn’t do anything for me now. I was so desperate that over the weekend I tried the Enema. Well, that did not work either.

    It is so frustrated when my friends and family asking about the pregnancy. They all pretty much said how lucky I’m to have only the constipation issue. Most of their advice has something to do with, ‘Oh, just eat prunes and drink water. You’ll be fine’ or ‘I bet my constipation was worse than yours but coffee did it for me.’

    I feel as if I’m on an island all by myself as no one seems to understand that I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing is working. I used to be able to go everyday and now it has been 14 days. I’m so miserable but feel like I have no where to turn to. I plan to call my OB again tomorrow and if she couldn’t do anything for me. I will take myself directly to the hospital.

    To anyone who has read this long message, THANK YOU! I feel so much better to let out my frustration since I feel so alone with my issue.



    I feel your pain. I was taking folgard with calcium in the beginning of this pregnancy and it stopped me up so bad I actually had a blockage. My ob kept saying it was a stomach bug, but it would stop for 3 days until I would fill up again and then start all over. They had me on imodium which was the worst thing i could have done. I would eat all day and then get massive diahria(sp), because water was the only thing that could get through,followed about 4 hours later with vomiting. When I would throw up it was all the food I had eaten in the last 8 hours. I know you mentioned coffee, but it was the only thing that kept me out of the ER. I stopped the Calcium suppliment and imodium and drank 4 cups of coffee in a row. The diahria stopped and then later that night I started to move my bowels again. Good luck, I know how frustrating it can be.



    Just an update on my last posting just in case anyone is going through the same thing. Went to the OB, she did a rectum exam (sorry!) and said I had nothing down there (I have been telling her that for days!). She called the colon doc for a consultation and decided to put me on the Magnesium Citrate and told me to cont. with the enema. Well, it didn’t work either. I went to the hosp. around midnight on Sat. The hosp. doc was great. Instead of sending me back home to take more drugs, she offered to assist me with what known as ‘manual manipulation.’ It was extremely painful as she had to pull, pinch, and tug the stools down but it produced the results. Supposedly, my baby’s head is on an area that prevented nothing to pass through; thus, no amount of laxatives would do me any good. What she did for me was only temporarily but hopefully I would give birth soon and the condition would improve. (Just a side note, most doctors would really rather not offering the ‘manual’ one–they think it’s disgusting. Most of them would just send you back home to take more drugs–the hosp doc above did it for me but when her shift was over, the second doc didn’t want to do it. She offered more drugs. I had to firmly tell her no and asked that she cont. with the ‘manual’ method. She didn’t refuse it but I could tell from the disgusted look on her face that she didn’t want to do it. She asked me to wait and never came backâ€I couldn’t blame her. Even my own OB said she has only done that once or twice in her career and really rather not going there. The RNs got together and suggested the hospital version of the enema. Since the first hosp doc helped me quite a bit, the enema did great for me.)



    tamster- Oh my gosh, that sounds pretty traumatic. So glad you finally got some real help and good luck with the next few weeks:)



    I know EXACTLY the heartache constipation causes, especially during pregnancy. I’m 11 weeks pregnant and am dealing with my 5th day of constipation. I had IBS before becoming pregnant, so my battle with constipation has never ceased but at least I knew how to manage my issues with routine exercises, colon cleansers and detoxes that would now be considered unsafe for the baby. I have 24/7 acid reflux and vomiting, which causes me to sip little amounts of juice (prune juice upsets my stomach) and water everyday, as well as being very selective on my diet (mostly bread, dry cereal, and veggie soups); therefore i do not consume the recommended 8 glasses nor can i keep down the pre-natals for nutrients. From the moment I wake up till the time my head hits the pillow I struggle to keep down foods and fluids, plus mentally struggle from being alone in a newly relocated area (husband is in the military). Depression overwhelms my everyday life due to the pregnancy pains, and my husband tries to understand to the best a MAN is emotionally capable of. I’ve been taking Ondansetron-for vomiting plus senna extract pill and Docusate for the constipation (which has NOT helped a bit). The Doc recommends that i now take Doculex in addition to the constipation meds. I’m tired of everyone advising me to drink more fluids and eat more fruits/veggies…..I WOULD IF I COULD!!! I am emotionally, physically, and psychologically exhausted from the debilitating state i’m in. The constant nausea, vomiting, headaches, and severe constipation is breaking me down….thanks for listening.



    iwen – sorry to hear about your situation. that sucks!! is there a doctor that specializes more in the bowel area that could help you? there has to be something!!



    Janinem- thanks for your sympathy; it’s really appreciated…… a gastroenterologist will just advise me to go see my OB based on common pregnancy symptoms; It’s a continuum of excuses and drugs. I’m hoping there’s other women out there that has experienced the same struggle with non-invasive resolutions, unlike the ‘manual manipulation’ tamster had to endure.

    I’m afraid to take the Doculex since my fluid consumption is not enough and fear more impaction will result…..hoping for a miracle.


    Oh ladies ur not on ur own ive been constipated for almost two wks now, passed two lil lumps d other day but that was from alot of straining and pushing which hurts. im 11weeks pregnant on my second baby, had no constipation on my first and it was only after the birth that i got piles from the pressure of labour and i suffered so so bad past yr or so and then it just went away but now its back with avengece im so unhappy. I also have Hyperemesis (bad morning sickness) which makes it difficult to store fluids also. Ive a very heavy sensation down there like i really need to go to the toilet but when i try nothing happens. Im tryin Fybogel which aint too bad ive only taken one sacet and i already feel the urge to go i just know its goin to hurt!!! 🙁 The joys of being a woman!!!


    WOHOO!!! That Fybogel has worked wonders i only took it 30mins ago and i went!!!! For those that never heard of Fybogel its a natural fibre drink they come in lil sachets and you mix it with 150mls of cold water and drink STRAIGHT AWAY or else it goes into a gel if you leave it too long. They come in a range of flavours i got the orange and it tastes ok just dont think about it and drink it quick. It contains Ispaghula Husk which is the key ingredient. I had no pain or straining thank god just strong urge to go so make sure ur stayin at home for the day and close to a toilet!!!! I suppose everybody is different and it may take some ppl longer work. I just will advise anyone not to take anythin that contains Senna as this irritates the gut and can cause uterine contractions which can lead to pre-term labour and no one wants that!!! Im gonna continue to take one sachet of the Fybogel a day to keep me regular i really dont want to be constipated again and i want the piles to stay at bay. i wish all the ladies luck xxx



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