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    Am wondering how long this constipation bit is gonna last? I can’t take it anymore!!! Everytime I go I bleed and my Dr doesn’t seem too bothered by the fact that I’m passing blood more then I’m passing stool. I’m on Fiber concentrate but it’s not working fast enough! Also I don’t even eat meat so WTMess!!! Water? Ugh but I do try my best to drink it as often as I can!!!!


    I haven’t tried any fiber drinks yet cause I’m not sure what I’m allowed to have – for awhile water and lemon before bed was helping but then I was peeing all night. Any suggestions? I can’t tell what is bloat and what is belly!



    Ladies all I have to say is PRUNE JUICE! I sear by it trust me I had 9 months of constipation with my son and thats all that helped!



    i eat a table spoon or two of organic flax seed, they say if you put it through a grinder it helps faster… works for me, i have hemriods, which causes bleeding but i have been doing this for several months and the flax is great…



    Has anyone experience a lot of bloating, having a bm every other day with nausea? I also have been experience menstraul cramping on and off for about 2 weeks now which I have never experienced with my 3 previous pregnancies.



    Ok ladies i had terrible constipation towards the end of my first trimeister. I began throwing up I was so bloated and was going almost 2 weeks in between BM. I tried everything! Kept trying to stay ‘natural’. Eventually out of pure frustration I started using microlax enemas. They were instant relief and didnt hurt at all. I used one every 2nd day for a couple weeks and once things got a really good clear out they actually went back to normal and i havent had a problem since. I really recommend them despite the fact that its a little intrusive.



    Ahh help lol ok so first I am constipated for 3 days at a time and then all I do is sit on the toilet for a whole day. Its very frustrating does anybody have any ideas? I would rather be constipated than have the diarrhea cuz its killing me.



    I am only into my 2nd month and constipation is my biggest problem. Prune juice is my friend now. It works.



    ‘I’m 8 months pregnant and waiting for my first child
    Past few weeks I’ve been suffering for bad constipation, at first i was
    able to handle it with my diet and drinking, but now it’s really bad.
    My friend told me about this product called Fleet, but I am really afraid to use any new products during the pregnancy. Here is the review, so what you think? What you’ve been using? Is it getting any better after the



    Drink masses of water.
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    How can I help ease my constipation symptoms?



    I have been miserable for the last 3 weeks. i am 9.3 weeks preggo now and I have been having terrible pains for weeks! I eat fiber cereal, take 5 colace a day and drink tons of water and apple juice and still its like baseballs with nails everytime!!! Tons of blood and tears! My dr. told me to get milk of magnesia, but i have never taken a laxative and I am nervous about when to take it since i work 9-5pm. Any advice???



    i was so constipated during the first 10 weeks i was literally crying in pain and lying flat on the floor masagging my stomach clock-wise, which seemed to help. i looked like i was 7 months pregnant too. i read what LGK616 did and i tried it. but i also started to have 1/2 cup of coffee with milk every morning (after my morning sickness went away), smb commented earlier that it helped as well. 15-20min later i have 2 kiwis, 10min later – fresh oatmeal cooked in 1/2cup milk 1/2 cup water. i put a bit of salt in it instead of sugar…cant stand sweet oatmeal. i like it scottish style. also, fresh rasperries after dinner and right before bed every day. it is important to do this every morning. i usually get horible stomach aches if i skip at least one step of this. i have to say this regiment works very well for me and it helps me go sometimes twice a day with no tearing. it is such a relief to feel well after weeks of hurting, when morning sickness was already making me miserable. now i dont even show and i am almost 13 weeks. i get the occasional bloating that its nothing to what it was before.



    i found a great way for constipation today… eat necterines i have 3 a day and it clears everything up nicely 🙂 they have alot of fibre in them so no supplements needed … also mango and peaches do the same!

    Worked wonders .. just makes it softer not runny ..Hope it helps



    hi everyone…i m 34 weeks…throughout this pregnancy i have always constipation…have never emptied my stomach completely…alwaya feeling bloatness …tried several remedies…but still no difference

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