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    Hey i am 19 yrs old and 27 weeks pregnant and for the past few days i have been pooping little round balls,hecka embarrasing. Why is that? Usually there lil round balls in a normal long looking stool but now there all separate and all coming out in little round balls. I feel like a hamster or a rabbit. I’m guessing your not suppose to have bowel movements like that, what should i do to get them back to normal?
    Thanks ladies!



    what u think i should do – i just had a very sore and hard bowel movement , but i also passed about 2 the spoons full of blood , should i call the midwife ??? i know 2 much info but i don’t know what 2 do , i am not in any pain just now. just alil concerned !



    I really hate this constipation. I take 3 capsules of Metamucil FIber 3 times a day, I drink plenty of fluids and eat moderately healthy. Since I delivered my first child at 27 weeks and I was very constipated with him too, I always worry when I have to strain just to do my business. Not to mention the anal fissures and hemmorhoids. I might just have to resolve to being on an all out daily laxative. Just venting so pardon my candor.



    Hey everyone, I’m in my 13th week. Yesterday when I was at work I had this sharp pain on my left side all the way down my belly. I called the clinic and they told me to come in. The doctors checked me out by doing movements and checking where it hurt by pressing on my stomac. Wow did that ever hurt. They did some blood tests and urine tests. Everything came out clean. Doctor told me that I could have a BM every day and still be constipated. I have to eat lots of fibre and drink lots of water, she told me that I could take some metamucil but to start slow (not 3x a day). But I’ll say, I’ve seen other blogs and they’ve meantioned the same. My BMs before I went to the doc were small and round and only had a couple. So you’re not alone. I’m feeling better today eating all that fibre, hasn’t kicked in yet but hopefully I’ll feel empty soon hehe. Take care ladies 🙂


    I have two say that I two suffered constipation in both of my pregnancies and I am dreading that happening again. I would suggest this assessment as it does give good advice on what you should be eating. The site also gives advice on constipation during pregnancy. HTH J



    Just wondering if nybody else has taken a laxative to relieve their constipation? I have been very constipated for most of my pregnancy and I’ve been really bloated and uncomfortable. So… I decided to take a dulcolax. Then I read in a book that you’re not supposed to take a laxatve without asking your Dr first. I am very concerned about taking it and would lke to know if its okay and if i’m just worrying for no reason???? Thanks!!!



    i have been very constipated for most of my pregnancy and now its so bad that ive gotten haemmroids ive tried every thing nothing seems to work can anyone help



    I am 2 days overdue right now. My pregnancy has been wonderful. . . .except for constipation and resulting hemorrhoids. Yuck. Per my doctor, I take 3 tablets of colace a day and milk of magnesia every 3 to 4 days. Problem isn’t solved but it helps. I put up with too much early in my prgnancy before talking with my doctor. Talk to your doctor Soniah and good luck.



    I have been belly dancing for a number of years, and although I am only at week 10, I find it amazing how well it clears up the feeling of constipation/bloating – I feel normal for about 2 days, and then it slowly rebuilds until the next week.

    I wouldn’t take it up if you are already pregnant, as there are many moves that mightn’t be good to learn for the first time with a baby on board. If you are planning to get pregnant I would definately recommend it (it also increases bloodflow to your belly = healthy baby, and increases your pelvic muscle control.



    Being constipated and pregnant really sucks. Sasha is due in a month. I’m glad I got rid of it, or this would have been a nightmare heh.—why-they-work-and-where-to-get-them-for-free is the site that helped me so read up on it yourself.


    this sucks!!! i could not for life of me go to the tolilet i drank prune juice,califig sennicot still was unable lol then had fibergell wich is vile!!
    all taht was bad idea lol lets just say was on toilet all day


    I’m with you on this one ladies. I am only 4 weeks and I am sooo constipated. Yesterday was very painful to have a bowel movement. I didn’t have this a week ago! Going to buy some prune juice tonight! I didn’t have this with my DD.



    Im 23 weeks preggo and Im the same way! Is it safe to eat dry prunes?


    I think dried prunes and the juice is fine. Apple juice has really helped me. I also eat oatmeal or drink warm water if I don’t want any tea. For the most part it works like a charm.



    I had not been able to go to the bathroom for over 3 weeks! I felt like I had to go, but everytime I sat down, nothing came out. And the pain was really getting severe. My doc told me to take Colace. And in addition to the Colace, I started drinking Metamucil twice a day (get the orange flavor, otherwise, yuck!) in a matter of a couple of days, SCORE! I am able to go now, and it never hurt! If you are having a hard time ladies, try this, it works!

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