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    i am 14 weeks and have had a problem with constipation the entire time! 🙁 it gets better then goes right back……. i know this is horrible but it is so bad sometimes i say i would never have another after this one…… i wish there was an easy way to just make it easier to go……. question does everything go back to normal frequency after birth? and would it happen agian more than likly next time around if i did decide to have another?



    During my first pregnacy 7 years ago, they told me Dulcolax was ok when I had the mother of all cases. This time around, when I am experiencing it all over again, they recommended colace or other stool softener instead of the stimulant laxative (same doctor). So, to the mommy to be who took the Dulcolax, just relax, I am sure you haven’t done any harm to your sweet angel inside. I had a perfectly healthy baby after taking it last time. Just contact your doctor, and find out what he recommends from here on out. Do not add that stress to your already stressed (constipated, bloated and probably nauseated) self!



    In New Zealand you can get something called ‘kiwi crush’ in the frozen section of the supermarket. It is actually quite yummy, despite looking like greenish sludge, and you just mix it into a glass of water and have it once a day. Has kiwifruit in it. It worked really well for me when I was pregnant and having problems with constipation.



    Hello Lindsay, welcome to this forum, my friend. Congratulations on your pregnancy and you should live healthy and active Lifestyle during pregnancy. I can understand that constipation is one of common health challenges that ladies face during pregnancy. During pregnancy, your body will go through many hormonal and physical changes. It is a good thing that you quit smoking because it can be very dangerous especially when you are pregnant. Now you should live Healthy lifestyle by adding some good habits in your regular routine. When it comes to finding good treatment solution for constipation problem during pregnancy, I will suggest you add some regular exercise and yoga. It is very important to give special care to your nutrition during pregnancy if you want to get treatment of constipation problem. It will really work if you will have a lot of water in your regular routine. When it comes to finding good nutrients, you should add raw vegetables and fruits. It is very important for you to add fibres in your regular diet. You should find some good foods that have good fibre in it. If you want to get some good suggestion about these nutrients, I will suggest you consult with any professional nutrition expert because they are able to provide a better plan of your nutrition during pregnancy. You should not take stress because of these physical changes because it is very normal during pregnancy and you are going to get the biggest happiness of your life when you will give birth to a beautiful baby. I hope you will get help with it and you will be able to face all these physical changes during pregnancy in a proper way.



    It may sound simple but what I find works best is to eat a tablespoon of olive oil (I’m sure any oil would work but olive oil isn’t too gross. I always have to “go” about 30 min after swallowing the oil. And “the stuff” is usually soft because the oil softens it up. Or consult with BioTexCom clinic in Ukraine for best tips.

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)

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