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    Cramps-what do they mean?



    juniwoo- yes that is normal i am 16 weeks now and i still get cramps in my pelvis and back every now and then. It really happens when i sit for a while then stand up, i guess it causes my stomach and uterus to strech back out and makes me cramp. But as long as there is no bleeding, which spotting (a brownish color) is ok, but scary still. As long as there is no bright red blood you and the baby are fine. the cramping shouldn’t be very very painful just feel like period cramps if it becomes very painful you might want to call you doctor. but don’t worry it’s all just a part of it…. ENJOY BEING PREGNANT!!!



    Hi I am 6-7 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing unbearable cramping. I’ve been to the doctor and she refferred me to the hospital where they tested for ectopic preg but all is ok 🙂 . They said that the pains i am feeling are probably due to my bowel. Pain is only at night and is so painful i cannot breath or talk, it only seems to go away when i finally go to the toilet or pass wind. They said it’s something i just have to ‘deal with’ but i am confused that it should really be acceptable to hurt this much?!



    Right now i am having cramping in my stomach not in my uterus and its really annoying and is starting to hurt, could be like feeces or something but it hurts



    Hi, I’m 12 weeks and have experienced cramping just above my pelvis and in my back today. Its quite frightening. Anyone out there having similar experiences? I’ve drunk loads of water and it has helped quite a bit, maybe I was just dehydrated?



    I am 6 month pregnant and when im sleeping i get cramping by my bladder area and then i try to go potty and theres nothing is this a serious thing or am i over reacting i start to worry about this when it happens for more thne a couple minutes.



    I am only 5 weeks along and i am already experiencing cramping in my legs. Has anyone else experienced this?



    hey everyone, ill be 38 weeks pregnant this saturday.. and last night i went to bed with period like cramps and woke up and still had them.. ive felt them all day today and this morning i had diareah.. and i havent went for a while but it feels like i have to and cant.. now my back is aching.. is this normal uncomforts for almost 38 weeks. i have been sleeping for the past 4 days straight and feel very very ill right now.. this crampy aching pain will not go away even with a heating pad. what do i do i dont want to call the hosptial unless i need to bcuz i dont want to feel silly.



    hey there, im just coming up to 31 weeks tomorrow and the last few days have had period like cramping up to 3-4 times a day lasting up to 30 minutes on and off. is this anything to be concerned about. this is my first and have no idea what im looking for.



    i get bad cramps on my side they hurt like shyt!!!!! she said nothing was wrong and to take tylenol but i dunt wanna kee doing that its on the left side



    I’m having the same problem on my left side:). It hurts so frickin bad ugh! the dr said it’s cause baby is growning and to take tylonal witch dosent help by the way(lol)



    girl who you tellin mine finally stopped today thank god but yea my dr said it was ligamnet pain but it didnt feel like that you kno??? and i didnt wanna keep doin the tylenol thing



    I am around 4-5 weeks pregnant (maybe more im not sure) but i have been cramping , and it really sucks! if drinking lots of water is what helps that is what i will do ! lol my pants are already feeling uncomfortable around my belly and i think it is mainly because baby doesnt like to be pushed on … so maternity clothes, joggers and stretchy pants here i come!



    so i’m 9 weeks pregnant and around now would normally be the time that i get my period and i’ve been experiencing small cramps so i’m getting really nervous? is something wrong?



    I am about 5 weeks and I have also expierenced cramping. M/C worries me but I hope this cramping is normal. Ive also expierenced cramping in my legs just recently too

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