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    I have been craving sandwiches must be wheat bread



    I have been craving pickeled beets, can’t get enough of them funky purple things. They also help with my constipation (tmi). I also am loving steamed artichokes w/garlic butter. Yum! I also like tomato sandwiches. With this pregnancy anything healthy! Pickels too but they give me heartburn!


    Anyone crave spicy foods? OMG it is so crazy! I mean I enjoyed spicy goods every now and then but it is all I want if it is not spicy I either get sick or feeling like I am going to… I wasnt hungry till I found that I wanted spicy foods so this is going to be the only way for me to gain weight right now. I lost 10 lbs in one month…. =( I was not happy about that!



    wow my cravings are off the wall..chedder and sour cream chips,salad with banana peppers which i hated b4,oysters wit lots of hot sauce,twix,frosted flakes,starburst,lemons with salt on them,pickles with hot sauce and salt,chicken noodle soup,baked potatoes from wendys,taco bell,apples with salt on them lol,chilli with crakers and sugar lol,chedder cheese popcorn and brownees with caramel on top which i got from my boyfriend who was craving that one day and he hates sweets…..i crave and want anything i see lol



    did i mention that pickle and ice cream at the top of this page looks delicious lol


    LOL!!! I want to put hot sauce on everything!!



    The thing with my cravings is they vary. but what happens with me is this, if im not craving it, and i eat it just bc i need to eat i end up wanting to throw up. so unless im actually craving something i avoid it. peanut butter and bread and butter pickles, hotdogs with mustard and sourkraut, pickled red cabbage or picked beets, hot sauce, salsa, anything off the taco bell menu, tomatoes (i will eat them like an apple basically right off the vine), pizza but only if i have bacon on it and ranch dressing otherwise i wont touch it, applesauce and pb. (anything with pb really.. and normally i hate pb) i avoid sweets like cakes and candy for the most part i just dont really want them. something sweet and sour or spicey is much more appealing to me atm, and salty.


    man so nice to know that I am not the only one =)



    michelle007 and nutnut I am only 7 weeks and your cravings combined are mine. I have been eating peanut butter like it is going out of style and I go to resturants just to eat the salad bar.. i love pickled beets!



    im 14 weeks and so far i havnt really had any cravings persay probably bc im JUST gettig where i can really eat bc of the ms. But i swear last nite i had 4 dreams about this local donut shop we have and all the different varieties. And in each dream theyd tell me how much a dozen costed and id say wow thats alot.. but then id buy them anyway lol. It was outrageous. I think by the last one i was up to $100 bucks lol



    Haha cravings always fun during pregnancy. Its wierd with my first three they were boys and all I craved was taco bell burritos, totinos pizzas lol, and hot cheetos. Now with this pregnancy I am 10 weeks and I am craving sweets like fruit, candy, donuts haha, and salads are a must! I also am craving pickles and hot cheetos. For some reason I dont like eggs anymore =( Makes me sad lol those are my favorite breakfast but now cereal is delicious!


    i am eating a pickle…i’m going to have another one…



    I have been having non-specific cravings all week. You know that feeling that you want something but you don’t know what. I go and look in my fridge and cupboards and there’s nothing there I want. Frustrating. If I could figure it out, I’d just go out and buy it!



    Been wanting good brand tasty cheese, it’s strange but.. so strong!



    shirls, ME TOO! I want something specific, but have no idea what it is. I used to know exactly what I wanted ,but now I have’nt a clue. Ice crean still tastes good, but makes me cold. lol

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