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    is it normal to be hungry , but when you sit down to eat, you dont finish all the food?



    alright – Totino’s Pizza rolls – whos with me?!?!?! NUMMY!!!



    Pizza rolls sound amazing


    oatmeal raisin cookies, they are soo good with milk!!!


    MMMMM pizza rolls and cream cheese YUMMMMYYYYY!!!!



    shirls- I am about 18 weeks. I completely understand how you feel about craving something but having no idea what it is. I can also relate to only being able to eat exactly what you are craving or wanting to vomit. The crazy thing is, I have a crazzy aversion to meat. I can only eat chicken and turkey, and even thats rarely. I have really been enjoying pasta and mashed potatoes. I want to drink milk more than usual as well. I used to crunch alot of ice, but now i do that less.



    :o) With my daughter, now 11yrs, I craved cooked broccoli with mayonnaise! This time ’round, I’m 8weeks preg and not able to keep anything down but unfortunately I’m longing for sushi! :o(



    i just ate 1/2 a jar of pickles….it was delicious!!!



    I am craving oreos like you wouldnt bealeve and we are in the middle of an ice storm so going out is pretty much a big negative:(


    I’ve been craving dill pickle Doritos and they don’t make them anymore! Wah!!!! ;p



    Really craving rice crispy treats right now and deciding if that would be ok to have for dinner tonight.. I don’t really feel like anything else and I don’t feel like cooking! I’m sure my 9 and 10 year old boys wont mind… but my DH wont be so thrilled



    lol….i cant even stand the thought of meat at the minute which is strange for me, or garlic which i normally LOVE. iv been into the vegimite (aus) 🙂 and the other night…..this is funny….all night i was dreaming of oreos on pizza!!! i dont want to eat it now but in my dream i was trying to get all the pizza places to make me an oreo pizza. oreos are good, but not on pizza:) im 9 weeks by the way 🙂



    I’m a vegetarian but for some weird reason I am craving Spam. I’ve been vegetarian for 3 years now, I enjoy it. And i do eat healthy. Should I give in to my cravings or do I just hope it will pass? I’ve been craving it for 3 weeks now. Is it healthier for my baby? (I’m 6 weeks)



    andreagoth, give yourself a bite of that spam you’ve been craving for 3 weeks already. One or two bites won’t hurt your baby. And I believe the spam is not that harmful. Happy pregnancy!



    andreagoth – My sister inlaw is a vegetarian but when she was pregnant she constantly craved McDonalds Chicken nuggets….we are pretty sure she cheated several times lol. I say dig right in!

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