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    10W4D and I can’t get enough of Sweet and Sour Sauce from McDonald’s. I try it with nuggets if that doesn’t make me sick but I could totally eat it by itself! I also love pickles,pickle juice, black olives, green olives and canned Mountain Dew. I used to hate Skim Milk but can tolerate it now. My fave foods pre-preg was Pizza and Hot Dogs. Now I can’t stand pizza and not allowed to eat Hot Dogs…:-(



    28 weeks 4 days .. i love the Monterey Jack Cheese and chicken Taquitos from 7-11 OMG they rock i love spicy food and these are awsome.. also it might be really weird but Mc Donalds fries and milkshakes are really yummy too lol i think..



    im 35 weeks pregnant and after my first trimester i have to have chocolate.. ilove it !!! but when comes to other food – i dont like big portions and eat only when have to really..!!!



    So I am preggo with twins so I have a lil advantage with worrying about weight lol,I crave el pollo locos ceasar chicken salad with extra dressing and taquitos,and lemon tea with honey and Big pickles with nowlaters and kool aid in the middle,that’s ol school and is sooo good.



    With my first pregnancy i wanted anything sugary and covered with chocolate and i craved a few other things here and there. Yet with this pregnancy all i really had a craving for was salt and vinegar chips and even that i can do without. So i was wondering, could my lack of cravings indicate a different sex? My first baby was a girl.



    8W1D – Not even sure if you get cravings this soon but normally I would hate anything spicy and the past couple of weeks I’ve really been eating a TON of Buffalo wings/strips. I think I could drink the buffalo sauce…I use to hate this stuff. Taste buds changing or having my first cravings??



    26D6D..I have dreams about friend chicken. But I refuse to eat it. I am afraid if I do, I will only want that for all 3 meals! I really love cereal though. Every morning I eat pumpkin raisin flax granola (it sounds nasty but is SOOO good) with a cut up banana and 1% milk. Thats my favorite! And after lunch/dinner I crave something sweet. Usually at lunch its gummy bears and dinner time I want ice cream. It depends if I have eaten ok the rest of the day if I give in =)



    I have been wanting dipping sauces-
    Yesterday it was all about mustard (so I ate pretzels and dipped them in mustard)
    The other day it was about Burger Kings Barbecue sauce and I dipped my fries in it
    What is that about? I’m still battling ms so if I crave something- I’m eating it!!



    tabasco sauce, on pretty much everything


    choclate covered pretzel (was short lived though) my cousin craved cucumber with vinegar.



    mine is a weird one , i can’t get enough of soap i love the smell of it , and carry a bar in bag so i can have a smell at it ……. sometimes i smell it so much it gives me a sore head , but even after that i can’t get enough of the stuff …. i never had any cravings with my last pregnancy .



    I guess I am having more food aversions than anything else…I can’t stand fried foods, soda and the smell of fast food resturants.

    I have craved a few things, but not consistently: strawberry milk, oranges, pineapple…

    That’s about it.



    i wasnt lemon flavored anything! Fresh lemon on chicken or lemon flavored candy! Doesn’t matter, I can’t get enough! With my last pregnancy it was salt n vinegar chips.



    First trimester I craved apple-anything…apple juice, apples, cider. Then it was grape for a couple weeks. The second trimester it was hamburgers and hotdogs…oh, and mashed potatoes with gravy and cottage chz on top…I know!! And fried chicken from Popeyes…delicious! Third trimester, so far it has been oranges and orange juice…and cereal…and icecream lol with hot cocoa mix and marshmallows!! Also, turkey sandwiches with nothing on it but butter! LOL Weird!!



    i am 19 weeks, and find out next week what were having, i cant get enough of hot sponge cakes!!! chocolate! and anything cakey!!!!!!!!!!!!

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